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Mother Mother release propulsive new single titled I Got Love

by Shannon Garner. Published Sun 18 Apr 2021 22:27

Canadian alt-rockers Mother Mother have released their new single ‘I Got Love’.

The track is a propulsive, thumping, and undeniably catch gem, and provides a small taste of what to expect from their upcoming album ‘Inside’.

‘I Got Love’ is the second offering from what will be their eighth studio album which is set to be released on 25th June 2021.

The album was written at home during the pandemic and sees frontman Ryan Guldemond seeking inspiration through self-discovery and reflection.

Produced by Howard Redekopp, the goal of the new album was to infuse the songs with a living, breathing energy and to focus on how the album should feel rather than sound.

Redekopp has worked with the band in the past, including on the 2007 debut ‘Touch Up’, and 2008 fan-favourite ‘O My Heart’.

Speaking about the record, Guldemond said: “The world stopped, and all the sudden I had a lot more alone-time on my hands, which isn’t necessarily conducive to songwriting.

“Usually, I like to venture out and find guidance from an external, interactive narrative - travelling, people, serendipities, etc. I love that process - it’s almost like you’re in collaboration with the world.

“But since that wasn’t an option, I set about a different kind of travel, one more inward and personal, exploring different types of therapies, meditation, and journaling as a means to unearth songs from a deeper, interior place.

“Writing Inside was certainly therapeutic, but then again, creativity always is when it’s honest and channelled.

“If people enjoy this music, we are happy and grateful, and if they find any healing in it, slight or profound, we’re ecstatic and deeply humbled.”

The new track is accompanied by a heart-warming music video in which the group called on their fans to help create.

Directed by David McDonald, the video features beautifully fan-sourced clips selected from nearly four thousand fan-made submissions during the course of a weeklong contest.

The single is bursting with positive energy and laced with catchy hooks that make it an all-around feel-good song.

Mother Mother have also announced a sprawling tour for February 2022 with a few shows in the UK.

Tickets for their show in London are already sold out so be sure to grab some for the other dates whilst you still can.

Pre-order or pre-save the album here and don’t forget to check out the new video.


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