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Anuel AA & Ozuna release collaborative album titled Los Dioses

by Khyle Deen. Published Sat 23 Jan 2021 15:00

Latin music fans are celebrating today with the debut of Los Dioses, the collaborative album from two Latin-music icons – Anuel AA and Ozuna. With 12 original songs, this record represents a milestone in the career of both of these Puerto Rican talents.

Yesterday, they debuted two tracks and their respective music videos – “Los Dioses” and “Municiones,”. At midnight, with the release of the album, the superstars dropped the first official single and video for “Antes.” All music videos were filmed in Miami by director Fernando Lugo.

Earlier this week the two artists revealed the album cover on their social media channels and announced the record’s availability for digital pre-order. Offering a more detailed look into this project, Ozuna used his YouTube channel to publish a 20-minute behind-the-scene documentary titled Anuel AA & Ozuna - Los Dioses.

This powerful team-up between Anuel AA and Ozuna was eagerly anticipated by both artists’ massive fanbases. These two greats have previously enjoyed stunning success together with such collaborative chart-toppers as “Adicto,” “China,” “Cambio,” “BEBE,” “La Ocasión” and more.

The musical chemistry between both international artists is more palpable than ever on their first joint album. They rang in 2021 with social media hints about the album’s imminent release, creating great anticipation among their followers.

“I’m happy that Los Dioses is finally hitting the street,” Ozuna says. “This is an album that we had wanted to do for years, but our prior commitments had never allowed us the time. I greatly enjoyed the process and the experience of crafting this project with Anuel AA. As you all know, he’s not just a colleague to me – he’s like a brother. I also thank the team members who worked on this record, which we hope our respective fans will enjoy.”

“This album is important for both me and Ozuna. We’ve been speaking about this project since 2015 and we haven’t had time to work on the album. We both have great chemistry in the studio and our fans will be able to see the results through this album. I hope all my fans love this special project,” said Anuel AA.

Committed to creating an album that would surpass everyone’s expectations, Anuel AA and Ozuna hunkered down in Miami recording studios for long sessions in which they pushed themselves to the limit, breaking new ground in songwriting, arranging and recording the 12 songs that comprise Los Dioses. Sparing no effort, they brought in some of their favorite urban-music producers and songwriters, including: Dynell, Yazid, Tainy, Hi Music Hi Flow, Carlos Mercader, Ovy on the Drums, Lil Geniuz, DJ Luian, Mambo Kings, Jowny, Foreignteck, Súbelo Neo, Yo Poppy, and Legazzy.

Los Dioses finds Anuel AA and Ozuna elevating each other to new heights and unprecedented versatility. As artists who have made their way to the A-list of Latin music in record time, they are eager to take risks and mix their unique styles, finding a perfect balance as they continue to set trends.
The album’s musical foundation is trap, which we can appreciate as the album opens with the title track. Trap fans will also revel in “RD” and “Perfecto.” Reggaeton lovers will delight to “Antes,” “Nunca” and “Dime Tú.” Crossing into the unexpected, Anuel AA and Ozuna experiment with balladry on “Contra el Mundo,” a rap vibe on “La María” and string and wind instruments on “Municiones.”

Los Dioses is the result of an alliance between the artist’s independent labels Aura Music Corp. and Real Hasta La Muerte Inc., with distribution via Sony Music Latin.

In honor of the release of Los Dioses, the prestigious trade publication Billboard featured Anuel AA and Ozunaon the cover of its first 2021 digital edition; they make history as the first Latin artists to accomplish this feat.

Los Dioses Tracklisting: 1. Los Dioses
2. 100
3. Antes
4. Dime Tú
5. RD
6. Nena Buena
7. Contra el Mundo 8. Perreo
9. Perfecto
10. La María
11. Nunca
12. Municiones


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