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Piqued Jacks preview new album with the galloping new single titled Golden Mine

by Khyle Deen. Published Sat 28 Nov 2020 11:30

Following on from the success of their recently released single ‘Every Day Special’ in recent months, Italian outfit Piqued Jacks have now returned to continue the support for their upcoming new album ‘Synchronizer’ with the galloping new offering ‘Golden Mine’, out on the 27th November via INRI.

Produced by Brett Shaw (Foals, Florence & The Machine) and recorded between L’Esagono (Rubiera, RE) and 123 Studios (London), ‘Golden Mine’ sees the band return with sheer gusto and aplomb. Channeling a rich and dynamic garage-rock sound and fusing it with a more atmospheric direction gives this new release a multifaceted appeal that reflects their own diverse persona throughout.

Speaking about the new offering, the band said, “Many of us fear death, but maybe we should only fear it as far as we wouldn’t be able to leave a mark on this world, nor to have someone close to us that holds our hand in our last moments.”

Inspired by a true story experienced while on tour, ‘Golden Mine’ reflects the end of one’s time on this earth; insignificant compared to the pages of history, but full of responsibility toward that legacy, because only by leaving a mark of our own will we have lived fully.

The artist Lunatico designed the second scene of his tale in sync with that of the first single released. Here, the old man seated on the rocks is singing that it’s now our turn to venture forth, to take a risk and dig down as deep as possible through the tunnels of life. The magic is there, and it’s waiting for us.


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