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Have you heard of girl in red yet?

by Dana Andersen . Published Mon 02 Nov 2020 20:56, last updated: 03/11/20

girl in red never intended to start a music career, but after casually releasing songs online, her raw, natural honesty won over a fan base seemingly overnight.

The Norwegian musician found fame on Soundcloud and soon scooped a multitude of awards, magazine covers and reviews filled with praise, all for music made in her bedroom.

girl in red or Marie Ulven as her friends know her, largely writes about mental health, love and longing.

The thing that makes her unique and has called to fans, is that her romantic songs are about girls.

It’s no coincidence that ‘do you listen to girl in red?’ has become a discreet, online based way of asking ‘are you gay?’.

Aside from being a relatable voice for girls who love girls, girl in red has delved into both making music and producing it.

Giving herself full control over how her music sounds and the ability to craft it into exactly what she wants.

This resonates throughout her current releases, making her feel closer to the audience than many musicians manage to. Allowing her to carve her own path in how things should be done.

Difficulty arises when trying to place her into a genre though. ‘Bedroom Pop’ is technically what it is, but its a very wide genre to be a part of.

Her unwillingness to be anything but true and genuine to herself in her music leans her towards the current ‘anti-pop’ genre that's becoming more popular, but she lacks the same aggression and upfront confidence.

She could lean more towards folk, with a modern pop twist, and bedroom pop sentimentality, but that's a bit too wordy.

Whatever genre she falls into, girl in red is bringing an understated and humble new voice to music that's refreshing, relatable, and much needed.


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