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Boy Made Flower releases new single paying homage to How I Met Your Mother's Ted Mosby

by Khyle Deen. Published Wed 23 Sep 2020 11:08

Boy Made Flower aka Henrik Lund is a lo-fi pop artist from Oslo who channels everything from the lyrical flow of Mac Miller and Jaden to the sombre vocal melodies of Eden and boy pablo.

Themed around his favourite American sitcom ‘How I Met Your Mother’, the new playful bop ‘Ted Mosby’ sees Lund use the main character as a metaphor for dealing with a depleting sense of hope in relationships and love.

Reminiscing how he felt when the show ended in 2014, he wonders ‘where’d you go, Mosby? Forming a colourful sound palette of sonic synths and harmonic punchy rhythms, the new number compliments his dreamy vocal hooks.

Listen to the song: https://open.spotify.com/track/0dAN3xTlxZp8Tr2ohf7pZP?si=XxpkxoFlSW2XjaJ0zP8SmQ

Speaking of the song, he tells us “Ted Mosby started out more like a playful idea more than an actual song. The over the top, touchy-feely lyrics are still kind of funny to me, so I like to think the spark of humour is still in there somewhere, despite the song being one of the more honest ones I’ve written.

The song did get me to start thinking of the characters as metaphors instead of people, which was interesting. I learned a lot about my own opinions on the characters and what they mean to me, and I even brought some of those opinions into the lyrics. It’ll be interesting to see if anyone picks up on that.”

With an introverted creative process, Lund has been perfecting his craft from his bedroom for the past year. Now he is ready to release his little Frankenstein’s monsters into the world.


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