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Biffy Clyro fans 'fuming' at Ticketmaster

by Dana Andersen. Published Wed 19 Aug 2020 10:47

Ticketmaster has faced plenty of controversies in its time, and is once again facing angry music fans, who have been unable to purchase the tickets they wanted.

The online retailer was taken to court by iconic grunge band Pearl Jam, and although they lost, many were converted to the idea that Ticketmaster are the ‘bad guys’.

They came under fire once again in April, when they refused to take any responsibility for offering refunds to those who had purchased tickets for events that were being reorganised or cancelled.

Tweeting about the incident, Ticketmaster said: "Ticketmaster serves as the sales platform for event organizers worldwide. Our standard practice is for clients to hold the cash from their ticket sales. Clients using our platform also retain the ability to set individual policies for their postponed or rescheduled events.”

Leaving fans hanging, with no idea whether or not they will be receiving a refund for a canceled event, certainly isn’t the best way to keep your customers happy.

Fan anger has ignited once again this morning, with the site barely working as Biffy Clyro tickets went on sale.

The band will be touring the UK in spring next year, and although fans can barely contain their excitement for the group, many took to twitter to speak about their disappointment in the site.

Many fans checked out for their tickets multiple times, being told during the final stage of purchase each time that a problem had been encountered.

Tickets had likely already sold out, but the site still left customers to go through the entire check out system before notifying them of that.

Others checked out up to ten times, and eventually did get their tickets, with almost £10 of extra Ticketmaster fees added.

Calls to boycott the site have been circulating for years, but the site has covered the market, and for many bands and venues, the only chance to get tickets is through the web giant.


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