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FUR return with the James Skelly-produced single titled Grow Up, announce headlining tour for 2021

by Khyle Deen. Published Wed 17 Jun 2020 20:57
Photo credit: Julia Nala
Photo credit: Julia Nala

Following a breakthrough 2019 for the band, Brighton's FUR have been studiously working since the turn of the year on a host of new material, and made the decision to record pre-pandemic with James Skelly who, as well as his own work with The Coral, has recently produced two no.1 albums for Manchester's Blossoms.

Furthering the band's innate talent for writing perfect, nostalgic pop music and bringing it right up to date, their new single "Grow Up" pairs the tight harmonies of 60's beat music and a McCartney-esque bassline to infectious, woozy melodies that are the band's alone.

The video was pieced together by the band themselves during the lock-down and features family footage of them as children. You can watch the music video for Grow Up in our video box.

Front man and guitarist Murray has the following to say about "Grow Up":

“It’s actually quite an old song for us, we’ve come a long way in terms of songwriting but sometimes there’s a few songs that were maybe ahead of their time, it took a few arrangements over the last 2 or 3 years to get to this version of ‘Grow Up’ and it feels good to finally have it there for people to hear. The song is about not wanting to grow up and the worries of not enjoying later adult life, it seems fitting to have sat on it for a few years until we have matured.

The video plays on these themes too, footage of us as young children stacked against footage of us playing across the world. It kind of highlights how your uncertainties or worries you maybe had as a kid can then be completely outweighed by your life taking you to places you’d never expect.”

The band played London's Scala last year as part of their biggest headline tour yet and have been writing towards a debut album since. The huge viral success of their music - their early single "If You Know That I'm Lonely" has nearly 30 million plays between Spotify and YouTube - has rightly positioned them as one of the most hotly-tipped bands in the country.

Their self-titled EP was released last year on taste-maker label Nice Swan Records (Pip Blom, Sports Team, Courting) and was described by DIY as "a pure, twinkle-eyed joy from start to finish."

"Grow Up" is the re-ignition of what will be a flurry of public activity from the band who have been keeping productive during the lock-down.

Today they have also announced a new headline tour for March 2021.

Catch the band live on the following dates:

4.03.21 - The Castle & Falcon - Birmingham
05.03.21 - The Cluny 2 - Newcastle
06.03.21 - The Picturehouse Social - Sheffield
07.03.21 - The Deaf Institute - Manchester
08.03.21 - Phase One - Liverpool
10.03.21 - Heartbreakers - Southampton
11.03.21 - Prince Albert - Brighton
12.03.21 - Oslo - London
13.03.21 - Elsewhere - Margate


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