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Elvis Costello releases new single titled No Flag

by Khyle Deen. Published Mon 08 Jun 2020 10:46

Traveling alone to the Finnish capital on February 16th, Elvis Costello worked for three days at Suomenlinnan Studio, a recording facility a twenty-minute ferry ride from downtown Helsinki.

Asked about the choice of recording location, Elvis explained, "I wanted to go somewhere nobody knew me. So, this is ‘The Helsinki Sound.’"

The instrumental credits list only: "Elvis Costello - Mouth, Drum, Fender Jazzmaster, Hammond Organ and Bass."

"No Flag" was recorded by Eetu Seppälä - assisted by Tim Mikkkola - in Helsinki and mixed by Sebastian Krys in Los Angeles.

The song is also featured in a new illustrated clip by Eamon Singer and Arlo McFurlow.

You can listen to No Flag here.

Both the song and the lyric video are available now from Concord Records by electrical wire.


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