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Bikini Kill Postpone Tour Dates Due To Corona Virus

by Dana Andersen. Published Thu 12 Mar 2020 09:08

Bikini Kill were due to tour from May 10th through to October 21st, but due to fears for the health of the band, fans, and crew, several dates have now been cancelled. Shows in Olympia, the bands home town, Seattle, Victoria, and Portland have been cancelled. Other dates currently remain unaffected. Bikini Kill have released the following statement on their social media, website, and mailing list:

Bikini Kill regrets to announce that we’re postponing our NW tour. We take the health and safety of our supporters, crew, and opening bands very seriously, and given the situation in Seattle as well as the lack of information about the actual infection rate of the surrounding areas, it doesn’t make sense to us to go forward with any of the shows in the region. We’re extremely disappointed, and look forward to rescheduling the dates as soon as we can. Refunds will be offered for all the shows.

Our shows in Olympia were going to benefit Interfaith Works Emergency Overnight Shelter who offer shelter and services to homeless people in Olympia, an especially vulnerable population who will be among those hardest hit by the impacts of this health crisis.

Please consider donating to them.

A statement of solidarity has also been shared from Interfaith Works, shining a light on how difficult this current situation is for the majority people they work with.

Statement from Interfaith Works:
Thank you to Bikini Kill for prioritizing community health with this
difficult decision. Of course we are beyond disappointed, but understand that it is a necessity. The outbreak of COVID-19 in the United States has shone a bright and harsh light on the raging inequities in our healthcare system. All recommendations for communities to stay safe and healthy revolve around the ability to stay home (assumption of housing), wash hands (assumption of running water and hygiene supplies), and maintain separation from immunocompromised people who are over 50 (assumption that communal areas are a choice, not a necessity).

For Interfaith Works, these recommendations are not based in reality and the people we serve every night are the people at the highest risk for infection and death. For people on the streets, in shelters, and in encampments there is very little guidance or priority about how to stay safe. Please keep us in your hearts and minds and consider a donation that you may have made at the shows because it will be the advocates, and the most marginalized who step up again and again to keep our communities safe when the safety net inevitably prioritizes those with resources above those without.

In Solidarity,
Interfaith Works

Though fans are disappointed, most are understanding, and with the promise of their tickets either being refunded, or honoured at a later date, most seem to think Bikini Kill are doing what is best for all.


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