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Belfast's New Pagans announce debut EP titled Glacial Erratic and new single titled Admire

by Khyle Deen. Published Sun 23 Feb 2020 20:46

Belfast’s New Pagans have announced their debut EP Glacial Erratic, set for release on March 6th. To mark the announcement the band have released the charming new single ‘Admire’.

‘Admire’ is a curious love song about sticking around for someone after the spark of young love has gone. Beginning as a series of late-night scribbles, the song blossomed from vocalist Lyndsey McDougall’s thoughts about the perseverance and restraint needed to uphold a long-term relationship. The lyrics taunt at the mundane nature of longer alliances, but equally celebrate the resilience and beauty found in being content and committed to another person.

The track is a delicate and gently bubbling cauldron of emotion, full of elegant guitars, pulsing bass, ethereal atmospherics and haunting, alluring vocal melodies. It begins as a soft and understated ballad, slowly transforming and intensifying as it builds towards a spine-tingling, goosebump-inducing finale. It’s a gentle reminder to slow down and appreciate what we already have; that there’s nothing to be scared of, and to let go of our fears and enjoy the scenery.

‘Admire’ follows the bands previous singles ‘Charlie Has The Face Of A Saint’ and ‘It’s Darker’, both of which will feature on the upcoming EP Glacial Erratic. Channeling elements of rock, pop and punches of punk attitude, New Pagans sonic expressions sit them amongst the likes of Wolf Alice and Black Honey with Pixie-esque influences that has earned them support from the likes of Daniel P Carter and Phil Taggart at Radio 1, John Kennedy at Radio X, BBC Introducing, Amazing Radio and more. Hot Press have also backed the band, including them in their recent ‘Hot For 2020’ list.

Writing tracks impassioned with meaningful messages and conversational topics, ‘It’s Darker’ has led to the band being shortlisted for Best Single at the 2019 Northern Ireland Music Prize. The track has a feminist edge, as it confronts an incident in which a musician became aggressive towards Lyndsey at a party and wouldn’t tolerate her opinions.

New Pagans also impress on the live circuit with their electric live performances, which have also seen them nominated for Best Live Act at the NI Music Prize. They embark on a UK tour around the time of the EP release, with more to follow later in the year.


2nd – Rough Trade, Nottingham

5th – Think Tank, Newcastle

6th – Off The Square, Manchester

7th – The Lounge Archway, London

8th – The Crofters Rights, Bristol


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