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Alexandria Maillot's gripping new visuals for Someone To Keep You Warm spark joy and vengeance

by Khyle Deen. Published Tue 18 Feb 2020 19:13, last updated: 18/02/20
Photo Credit: Pier Alexandre Gagne Photography
Photo Credit: Pier Alexandre Gagne Photography

Following her successful album ‘Benevolence’, which bagged attention from the likes of EARMILK, Alexandria Maillot kickstarts the new decade with a brand-new music video for ‘Someone to Keep You Warm.’

Armed with razor-sharp wit and hopeless romanticism, Alexandria dissects narratives from personal life-experiences and delivers through sometimes schmaltzy and sometimes electropoppy instrumentation and arrangements. For this, she’s often been compared to heavyweights such as Feist, Stevie Nicks and Alabama Shakes’ Brittany Howard.

Subjected around the enjoyment of an ex-partner struggling to find love, the new video features a lonely male protagonist. Brendan Taylor, the director behind the video says: "Sometimes, loneliness can feel like you're under attack, and there's nothing else to do but run for your life.” Showcasing this vision, each chorus of the song is met with strobe lighting, merging perfectly with the heavy synth bass drop. The character slips into a trance-like state, where he finds himself trapped around a group of females, whom represent his failures of loving again.

Discussing the inspiration for her new video, and latest single Alexandria says: "The music video represents the unsettled, peculiar frame of mind I was in when writing Someone to Keep You Warm,” The song lyrics paint images of darkness and discomfort, straying from a sense of home and leaving an aftertaste of discontent. The video translates many parts of it visually as a twisted dance between the protagonist's unkept and unhealthy lifestyle and the ghost-like mirages of those affected along the way. It is a story of a haunting, or rather, one's past catching up to them."

Maillot has already accumulated an impressive list of credits including being scouted by esteemed Canadian producer and songwriter David Foster (Christina Aguilera, Madonna, Whitney Houston) aged twelve, collaborating with Randy Bachman (Ringo Starr, The Beach Boys), and securing a feature on the Opera Winfrey network.

Touring extensively across Europe and Canada performing at festivals such as Reeperbahn and Iceland Airwaves, Alexandria is no stranger to the live-circuit. Her debut album ‘Time’ also saw her playlisted across national radio and gained her critical acclaim internationally across industry peers and fans.

With her second full-length ‘Benevolence’, we see a change in the Canadian singer-songwriter. On tracks like ‘I Never Liked Your Friends’, we see her exploring a more sardonic side to her songwriting, while ‘Make It Out’ comes from a darker place; she says it’s “a song about depression; the lack of motivation that plagues the day, where solace is only found in sleep at night.”

Focus track ‘Someone To Keep You Warm’ sees the soloist showcasing menacing synthesisers after a Kelsey Lu-esque introduction. Themed around the joy she gained after seeing her ex struggle to find a lover, the singer had this to say about the schadenfreudian number; “It’s a song about watching a former partner struggle to find companionship and getting enjoyment out of it.”

‘Someone To Keep You Warm’ music video out now. Her latest album ‘Benevolence’ is available to stream now.


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