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Luke Sital-Singh releases new single Almost Home from upcoming collaborative EP New Haze

by Khyle Deen. Published Fri 07 Feb 2020 22:37

Luke Sital-Singh has today released new single 'Almost Home', the first track to be taken from his new collaborative EP ‘New Haze’, out April 3 via The Orchard. Luke will follow the EP release with a European tour, including a London show at the Union Chapel on May 5, tickets available now.

Luke co-wrote ‘Almost Home’ with his friend, fellow songwriter Steve Aeillo (Lana Del Ray, Mumford & Sons, Thirty Seconds To Mars). Explains Luke: "We made this during the first ever session I did after moving out to LA last year. I was opening my world to a whole new set of collaborators in a whole new place, whilst always questioning what it means to be at home.”

Last week, Sital-Singh’s 2017 single ‘Killing Me’ entered the UK Top 30 midweek singles chart following its use in the BBC1 drama series ‘Silent Witness’, reaching No.4 on Shazam and No.5 on the iTunes singles chart. Written for his grieving Grandmother, ‘Killing Me’ is the South-West London born singer-songwriter’s most streamed song and he performed it during his recent TED Talk, where Luke spoke about the cathartic effect of writing and performing ‘sad’ songs.

“I’ve never been one for chasing fame and success, or for frantically following the musical trends of the day. I’ve just been drawn, for as long as I can remember, to the beauty of melancholy. To those wistful songs that serenade me through my pain. And to have this song, a slow ballad of hope and grief, a song I once thought too personal and introspective to release, to see it connect with so many of you. Well there’s not much more I can ask for.

“It’s a little bewildering to read so many of your stories of loss and I feel heartbroken and encouraged all at the same time. I do what I do in the quiet hope that I’m throwing something of meaning into the world and not just adding to the noise.”

Sital-Singh’s upcoming European tour includes his second ever headline show at the Union Chapel, and he has recently been appointed as a Cultural Ambassador for the famous London venue. He comments:

“The Union Chapel has been a very important place to me one of those venues that brings its own unique magic to every performance. As one of the Union Chapel's first cultural ambassadors I want to spread the word about this magnificent place and the work they do for the arts and social justice. That I once used to work here as a steward makes it only more special.”


April 19 Milla Club, Munich (Germany)
April 21 Taunchenthal, Leipzig (Germany)
April 22 Bärenzwinger, Dresden (Germany)
April 23 Privatclub, Berlin (Germany)
April 27 Cafe Haerverk, Oslo (Norway)
April 30 De Kapel, Eindhoven (Netherlands)
May 1 Ekko, Utrecht (Netherlands)
May 2 Rotown, Rotterdam (Netherlands)
May 3 Jaki, Cologne (Germany)
May 5 Union Chapel, London

Tickets on sale now from www.lukesitalsingh.com/tour-dates


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