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Finnish singer and songwriter Hatita unveils debut EP titled Better Be Ready

by Khyle Deen. Published Fri 07 Feb 2020 22:14

Introducing 21-year old emerging Finnish singer, songwriter and musician HATITA, with her brand new debut EP titled Better Be Ready, in collaboration with platinum-selling producer and artist Miika Saloranta.

The exquisite 3-track project is led by her debut single ‘Can’t Help Myself’, an exquisite piano- led power ballad, which showcases Hatita’s amazing vocal performance, and reveals her as an exciting Nordic pop powerhouse prospect for the coming years.

Hatita’s Better Be Ready EP is also led by the honest and relatable ‘Offline’, with its moody and minimalist musical backdrop, as well as the infectious up-tempo offering ‘Free My Soul’, with its slow-building guitar and drum arrangements, and lush horn sections, over which Hatita unleashes a more defiant and ferocious side to her artistic repertoire, offering listeners and critics a varied taste of exactly what Hatita is all about as a woman, an artist and musician.

Speaking about the inspiration behind her Better Be Ready EP, Hatita says, “this is an honest ep of honest feelings and things that have happened around me and to me recently. From ‘Can’t Help Myself’, which is a song about me being unable to let go of a toxic relationship, to ‘Offline’, which is me confessing that sometimes I have bad days and don’t feel like pretending to be happy, that’s when I just feel like going offline from the world for a while, and ‘Free My Soul’, which is a cry to let go of all the negative words and actions that might still be haunting us”.

With a penchant and a passion for pop, soul and R&B music, Hatita knew she always wanted to be an artist and musician, and began playing the violin at the age of four, before she then went on to learn how to play the piano and sing as well. The 20-year old Finnish native takes inspiration from the likes of Christina Aguilera, Etta James, Adele, and the late great Whitney Houston, to create her own unique slant of pop music, which is powered by her amazing vocal abilities and honest and relatable songwriting.

1. Can’t Help Myself
2. Offline
3. Free My Soul


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