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Friday Firsts: Emiko

by Alley Richardson. Published Fri 31 Jan 2020 20:11

Having an impressive catalogue of 3,00 songs and gracing the pages of Billboard Magazine, FM Magazine and Music Connection, not to mention being recognised in the Songwriters Hall of Fame, singer songwriter Emiko releases yet another new single, titled The Great North Road, to that collection.

An electric alt-pop lullaby, a quietly entering that develops into a powerful ballad full energy and positivity through the melody. Uplifting with crystal clear vocals that are warm and inviting.

Reputed to work with precision and skill at writing complete songs on the spot, displaying pin point accuracy for sound and sensation and a wealth of talent that runs through not only the musical world and charts but through the tv, film and theatre.

Retiring from classical music at the grand old age of 12 and embracing the pop life she has paved her way through Europe, Japan and the US before settling in L.A.

Emiko serves as Hammond Organ's songwriting clinician giving lectures and workshops at Sam Ash Music Stores nationwide, educating and inspiring songwriters of all levels, ages and genres.

Her live performances have been described as funny, energetic and engaging and the uniqueness of her style that according to MTV, ‘a sound that just sucks you in’

A real and honest songwriter that’s produced daring and relatable songs that have taken the number one spot on many radio and fan charts playing to audiences that have included celebrities and dignitaries in attendance.

Despite the sensational back catalogue Emiko’s musical career is still very much in its early days and with her vast creativity there’ll be longevity in the adventure as her musical story unfolds.

More at: http://www.emikomusic.com/

Listen at: https://open.spotify.com/album/6ZLFK6WP4xkN5728dNaMD3



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