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Friday Firsts: Christopher Taylor

by Alley Richardson. Published Fri 13 Dec 2019 19:00, last updated: 13/12/19

With Christmas just around the corner, the theme of being close to those we love rings true as much as ever, and no more so for Yorkshire based singer songwriter Christopher Taylor with the release of his new single, titled My Angel.

It's an upbeat melody revolving around the simplistic message of the joy of being with that special someone who can make you feel alive, coupled with the feeling of conquering the world. A mellow and sweet sounding track, perfect for the season ahead.

Having been a professional musician since his 20’s working both as a solo artist and alongside other musicians and friends Christopher has taken his career to another level since 2011 throwing all his aspirations into his music with astounding zeal.

From his award winning EP Chasing Rainbows which won The Akademia Music Award for Best Pop Rock EP was the beginning of a new musical chapter in 2015 with 2016 also proving to be an exciting year bringing new music and a brand upgrade and subsequent awards for his music.

The release of his 2017 EP Meet Me On The Horizon, saw him work with some of music’s most prodigious talents incorporating new sounds and stunning vocals, clearly bringing about more impressive fervour and the release of Innocence in 2018 a very smooth and easy listening track beautifully executed.

2019 opened up another new chapter in Taylor’s career working with London based Animal Farm Studios, recording four new tracks including My Angel, adding yet more to the growing achievements of this rising star.

With the ever increasing radio exposure and numerous live performances, a new chapter for Christopher won’t be too far away.

For more on Christopher Taylor’s music: http://www.christaylormusic.net/

Listen at: https://soundcloud.com/the_animal_farm/christopher-taylor_my-angel



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