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Friday Firsts: Saint Sapphire

by Alley Richardson. Published Fri 22 Nov 2019 21:19

Vintage Punk, magically transformed into a modern art form, is no easy feat but Saint Sapphire’s accomplishments just keep on coming.

From the streets of Belfast, Northern Ireland to headlining the legendary venue The Water Rats, London these boys bring it and bring it hard.

The release of their new single She’s A Hero is expected to increase their profile and with the forthcoming release of their album next year they’re sure to cause a buzz across the airwaves.

Lyrically there’s no particular theme but coupled with that heavy guitar you have a riotous party just because and with around 190,000 airplays in just four weeks these lads are heading for the top.

Since their headline gig in London, their first out of Ireland, they made a second trip to play at Rocksteady in Dalston in June and amongst requests to play in the USA the band and checking out venues in the U.K. nothing is set in stone yet and they continue to focus on recording and writing new material.

Musical inspiration is very eclectic and can range from Black Sabbath to Beethoven and so much more in between and in comparison to their earlier track Hurricane released back in 2018 which has a slightly more indie-rock sound it’s easy to spot that eclectic essence runs right through their sound.

It’ll be interesting to see where this takes them as Punk is often featured on the outside of mainstream music in a time of repetitive pop it might just be the right time for Punk to take centre stage again.

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