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Friday Firsts: Kolette

by Alley Richardson. Published Fri 30 Aug 2019 14:00

A shining star since the age of seven, Kolette has had her music featured in an award-winning short film, she has been interviewed and has played on a wide section of radio stations and had a guest spot singing on tour with Johnny Cash guitarist Bob Wooten she now goes on to release her single Change My Life, that’s already been described as an upbeat summer dance track.

Previously working under her real name of Colette Kavanag,h the singer, songwriter based in Kildare, Ireland began with a contemporary style of music writing songs inspired by the late great Karen Carpenter that was described as having a “tender, sweet voice that is warm and inviting” by Brian Harris of Indie Spoonful. Her heartfelt songs are of the most personal kind make her a truly endearing lyricist.

But with a change of name from Colette to Kolette the the soft C of contemporary becoming a capital K of kick-ass club vibes that is a catchy little number thats a 90’s Cascada pop sounding track that’s love with a beautiful beat.

Growing up in a musical family, her father playing piano and her mother singing they encouraged all the children to come around the piano and sing. Her love of many genres shines through which include Roy Orbison, Kylie, Daft Punk and of course The Carpenters.

Regularly performing in her own county of Dublin and the surrounding counties and receiving many requests to sing at events such as RTE’s television’s Franc’s DIY Brides.

Early successes in 2014 saw her song Rebekah’s Lullaby used in the short film Skunky Dog which has won 13 awards to date, Winner Of The Best Short Drama award at the Royal Television Society Awards in RTE being the most notable.

Kolette has received a warm welcome from the US with Hold On, Someday and Last Kiss being among the fan favourites. The change in musical direction may well be a beautiful beginning of a very successful career.

Change My Life is available now on all platforms with the upcoming video to be announced shortly.

You can listen to Change My Life, in our video box.



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