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Friday Firsts: Tim Jackson

by Alley Richardson. Published Fri 16 Aug 2019 14:00, last updated: 16/08/19

The long awaited debut album Better Late Than Never, from singer-songwriter Tim Jackson is a testament to not letting your dreams fade away.

Little Girl premiered on July 26th, it is a tender, family inspired song of imparting fatherly wisdom. The song features beautiful, encompassing words that parents everywhere have no doubt spoken at one time or another when guiding their growing children.

‘I don’t ever wanna hold you back
Baby there’s enough in the world to do that
You should never ask me how I know
‘Cause I just know’

Themed around the everyday, this track is intricately reworked by the influence of some of the greats of the last 40 years such as Paul Simon, Tom Petty and Elton John with its delicate melody and foot tapping beat.

Recorded and filmed mostly in Tim’s own self built home studio, a crisp and bright creative space that suits the atmosphere of the song.

It’s all been a long time coming for the 41 year old but it’s finally paying off.

Having performed on TV at the Royal Albert Hall at the age of six and gigging through the world-famous Camden circuit, London in later life, searching for that elusive record deal and not quite making it Tim put his musical aspirations aside for the comfort of marriage and children. But dreams and aspirations do not die easily and the gnawing regret of not achieving them, he built his own studio and finally made the dream a reality.

The familiarity of sound and the delivery of those soft and inviting vocals makes this a truly easy listening track.

You can watch the music video for Little Girl in our video box.

Better Late Than Never will be released on 23rd of August 2019.

More at: https://www.timjackson.co.uk/about



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