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Liam Gallagher lists tracks on his next album

by Alyssa Zanon . Published Fri 05 Jul 2019 15:43, last updated: 08/07/19
Why Me? Why Not... the cover
Why Me? Why Not... the cover

Liam Gallagher has broken new ground – revealing the track list for his forthcoming album on Twitter.
The ex-Oasis star announced a European Tour for 2020 and named the release date for his new album as 20th September.

The album - his second as a solo project after As You Were - will be called “Why Me? Why not.”
Gallagher had previously confirmed that that recording of the album was completed in March and that he’s again working with the Adele and Foo Fighter producer Greg Krustin.

The Manchester-born singer explained that the title is a tribute to his music hero, John Lennon.
Liam said during an interview: “I bought a picture years ago from John Lennon’s art exhibition, and then his wife Yoko Ono sent me another one.

“One said ‘Why me’ on it and the other said ‘Why not.’ That was about 20 years ago.”

After the release of two singles, Shockwave, which her performed at the Glastonbury Festival, and The River, Liam tweeted the full track list of the new album.

1. Shockwawe
2. One Of Us
3. Once
4. Now That I’ve Found You
5. Halo
6. Why Me? Why Not.
7. Be Still
8. Alright Now
9. Meadow
10. The River
11. Gone

Now That I’ve Found You, is surely dedicated to Molly Moorish-Gallagher, the 22 years old daughter that Liam had not met until this year, but who is now part of his entourage.

Track 9 is inspired by The Beatles song Blue Jay Way, written by George Harrison.

"And there's a song called 'Once' which is a bit Pink Floyd, a bit Bowie, there's a bit of flavour on there man, it's good man, there's a nice mix, " said the 46-years-old rocker.

So the new album will be less rock ‘n roll and more psychedelic than might would otherwise be expected.
Liam is seldom billed as a songwriter - most of the Oasis song catalogue was penned by Noel - and all of the tracks of the new album are co-written.

But 2019 seems to be the year of rebirth for Liam: he finally met his daughter Molly, he headlined Glasto and he released a documentary called “As it was” about Oasis, seen from his perspective.

Liam has never discounted an Oasis reunion.

But don’t hold your breath waiting… the brothers remain distant and Noel clearly prefers his solo career.


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