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Farveblind release hard-hitting new single titled Indima

by Khyle Deen. Published Thu 22 Jun 2017 10:47

After releasing Farveblind’s debut single “Wasteful Talk” featuring Australian Clea in January 2017, the eccentric producer duo are now ready to release their second single “Indima” featuring South African singer Khaya N9.

Behind Farveblind is the two musicians Jens Asger Lykkeboe Mouritzen and Magnus Pilgaard Grønnebæk, who despite of the short life of Farveblind, already have gotten significant positive attention and established themselves, in electronic circles, as an intense, energetic and talented act with great potential. Just in 2016 the duo played shows at Distortion, SPOT Festival, Trailerpark, Reeperbahn, Sørveiv and a total of three times at Smukfest including the opening of the biggest stage on the festival (Bøgescenen) amongst others. During 2017 Farveblind have already played a total of five concerts at SPOT Festival, two shows at Distortion and is announced for Roskilde Festival, Smukfest, MS dockville and others.

“Dark dance soul, that kicks you right where it feels good” is how Farveblind themselves describe their second single. The duo, who at the moment have been attracting Danish and international eyes and ears to their heavy club pop songs, did not have any doubt when they heard Khaya N9’s powerful and soul-like voice for the first time: He had to be their next featured artist. Conquering their second continent with Khaya N9, Farveblind continue their search for unexplored talent all around the world, and flew the young South African singer all the way to Denmark to perform “Indima” for the first time with Farveblind at SPOT Festival at the enormous SCC stage. The word “Indima” comes from Zulu and defines ‘the need to do something’.

“Indima” brings back memories from real berlin-basement raves and combines it with the soul like, warm vocals from Khaya N9. The exciting combination of soft and embracing vocals with the hard-hitting repetitive track makes “Indima” an enchanting track, with an urban and dusty pop-like mood.

“Indima ft. Khaya N9” was released on all platforms earlier this month by Mermaid Records sponsored by KODA.

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