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Robin Trower: Where You Are Going To album review

by Chris High. Published Sun 17 Apr 2016 16:20, last updated: 17/04/16

Robin Trower’s twenty-first self-ascribed studio outing, Where You Are Going To, shows that at 71 the former Procol Harum man still loves creating. This said, it is also an album that comes across as being just a little too “safe”.

The title track for instance would feel at home on just about any Blues album post 1967. In contrast When Will The Next Blow Fall, the album’s opener, has a gritty, visceral feel with Chris Taggart’s drumming adding resonance and vigour.

This is also true of the closer, Delusion Sweet Delusion; its diverse richness taking the track to a whole new level and it is no coincidence that these tracks are two of the more upbeat. In being so, there is a span in which Trower’s textured vocals and nuanced bass and lead guitar playing can breathe. On slower pieces such as We Will Be Together, there is a timidity which does them few favours.

The stand out track, however, comes with In Too Deep. With a melding of lyrics, touch and feeling this has a seriously catchy hook and a sense of positivity that is almost infectious.

Overall though, Where You Are Going To is a “pleasant” album nicely played, written and delivered. It is also one that could really do with being just a little bolder, punchier and dynamic.

Robin Trower
Where You Are Going To
Manhaton Records
May 6th, 2016
PR Rating: *** Pleasant

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