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Yungblud 'Weird!' - New Song + Video!

by Dana Andersen. Published Tue 05 May 2020 10:52

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Pop-punk musician Yungblud has released released ‘Weird!’, a song and video perfectly suited for the times that we’re living in. After introducing himself with ‘21st Century Liability’ in 2018, Yungblud is back, and seemingly in a much better mood. Tweeting a link to the song to let fans know about its release, he welcomed us to a ‘new fookin era !!!!’.

While 21st Century Liability was filled with songs to express anger, sadness, and resentment, Weird! takes us onto a new path. The video is filled with trippy visuals, bright colours, webcam recordings, and video glitches, uncannily reminiscent of how much time we’re all currently spending on Zoom, and FaceTime chats.

Filmed while in quarantine, in order to release the song much earlier than intended, the shots are kept simple, but still with Yungblud’s signature chaotic style. Its certainly lucky for fans that he’s ended up in quarantine with people who could help him create a video!

Dancing on his bed, on the roof, or on the couch with a friend, the video alone is much more up beat, and uplifting, than many we’ve seen from him prior. With lyrics like ‘I feel anxious all the time/ If I smiled, I would be lying’ in the first verse, you’d be forgiven the video is supposed to be a juxtaposition from the lyrical components of the song.

Luckily though, this isn’t a song to mope to. The chorus speaks of coming together, supporting each other, and getting through whatever is thrown at us. Culminating with ‘Don’t wreck your brain, it’ll be alright/ we’re in a weird time of life’, the chorus seems, for many people, to perfectly relate to where we currently are in life.

Messages of ‘it’ll get better’ have often had prominence in music, but few times have people needed the message more than now, and rarely does it come from people like Yungblud, who’s incredibly honest in his music, and wouldn’t simply provide a nicety in an attempt to make people feel better.

Along with his ‘Stay Home with Yungblud’ series, he’s doing a great job of keeping fans entertained, optimistic, and excited to see what he does next.


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