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XY&O release the video to their debut single One More Night (Lemonade)

by Ben Harding . Published Wed 14 Jun 2017 14:04

XY&O, Cardiff based three-piece band, are set to release their second EP, Powder Rooms, later this year, debuting their first single, and first video, One More Night (Lemonade).

The Welsh based trio originally started out as a song writing combination, writing for other artists, but found themselves developing a distinctive, quirky haze-pop vibe which later fused to form the XY&O 1.5 million monthly streamers.
The haze-pop group hold a distinctive sound throughout all of their releases. Their first EP, Shimer + Shade, expressed the gritty lyricism beneath their mellow, relaxing sound. Individual inspiration is visible throughout the band’s song releases.

Vocalist, Skip Curtis, takes his inspiration from Fleetwood Mac and the late Prince. Curtis has also been quoted discussing the second EP to be ‘focused on the relationships we have with one another. What we want from one another, what we need from one another and what we expect from one another. 
‘Our lives are defined by the people we share them with and the context in which we coexist. They are defined not only by the people we are closest with but also by the seemingly insignificant fleeting meetings we have every day. Ships in the night still cause waves.’

Guitarist Nick Kelly has influences in Bombay Bicycle Club and Tom Misch, whilst the producer, Tudor Davies has links to Flume and RUFUS. The bands most popular song, Low Tide, has 13 million streams to date, attracting the attention of renowned rapper and R’n’B artist, Drake, as well as conglomerate, Nike. The band also received an invite to Glastonbury 2016 BBC Introducing stage. James Santer, of BBC Introducing, called them ‘one of the most exciting new bands we have ever seen.’

Powder Rooms expresses the allure of taboo but also delves into the lives we lead, the marks we leave, how we are perceived in the world as well as the inner conflict between the person people want us to be, versus the person we truly are.

The debut release from Powder Rooms has the same vivid sounds of XY&O with the grit and story within the lyrics that fans have become used too, however, One More Night (Lemonade) explores the expectations of sex and the carnal, sexual pleasures linked with such intimacy.

The video, directed by Alexander Derby, featuring model Lauren Brock, details the intimacy the lyrics portray, showing Brock undressing in front of a mirror, evolving into the person she really is. The removal of her clothes stands for what XY&O are all about; the small things that make each and every one of us unique yet so similar. The sole feature of Brock in the video shows the importance of the small, seemingly insignificant meetings people experience daily, like vocalist Skip spoke about the second EP.

The much anticipated EP doesn’t have a release date as yet, but many eager fans are ready to hear what the rest of the new album features and what success it brings the already popular band.

You can take at look at XY&O's new video here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=gn9lMcHJkpU&authuser=0


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