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The Best Songs in History That were Written by Students or Teenagers

by Carlton Whitfield. Published Fri 17 Dec 2021 13:34, last updated: 19/02/22

If you still live under a rock and think teenagers aren’t capable of thinking anything reasonable or heart touching, these 10 songs by students or teenagers will prove you wrong. If you are a student trying to establish your generation as superior, this article is for you. The inclusions are not like essay pro review, but like the ones that genuinely help you write the best essays for your assignment.

Without any delays, let's get into the list of top 10 songs that would make you fall for the teenagers again.

Released in 2021 and co-produced by Dan Nigro, Drivers Licence topped the chart just after six months of its release. Olivia Rodrigo was just 17 when she released the title. She expressed her feelings as ‘emotional and cathartic after the song hit the top list.

She also expressed concern for its success just before the release, but it turned out so well that she had herself in tears following a press meet.

Bad Guy by Billie Eilish:

Billie Eilish is one of the most, if not ‘the’ most prominent teenage singers in the present era. She became the first singer who was born in the 21st century to hit the top spot in the chart with the release of Bad Guy in 2019 along with her brother.
The Bad Guy was based upon an exaggeration of the sarcastic representation of the persona of Billie Eilish herself.

Ocean Eyes by Billie Eilish:

Originally written by Billie Eilish’s brother, Finneas in 2015. He wrote the song when he was just 18 and Billie was 13. He said in an interview that he knew that this song was made for Billie, just by hearing her sing it.

The best thing about the song is not Billie’s voice, it’s how it was written by a teenage Finneas. He sat down at his Piano and sang the first verse at once. At that exact moment, he knew where the song was supposed to head.

Hometown Glory by Adele:

She was only 16 when she wrote the song Hometown Glory and debuted with her album ‘19’. Adele writes every song by herself or by being the lead writer. Her first-ever single Hometown Glory is so much popular because of the origin story which involves her and her mother about which university she wanted to go to. Her mother didn’t quite agree on the decision about her being in London with her family and in a way this song is all about her protest.

Brain Cells by Chance the Rapper:

Brain Cells most probably is the most remade single of Chance the Rapper. It got remade over and over before it became the title of his mixtape “10 Days” in 2012. 10 Days was the number of days he got suspended for smoking weed in Jones College Prep.

Losing Grip by Avril Lavigne:

Avril Lavigne was just 14 when she was first introduced. Losing Grip was her favourite track from the album ‘Let Go’. The origin of the song was about her ex-boyfriend who didn’t treat her like his girlfriend and used her more as a prized possession. She reasons that songwriting comes to her naturally, she can even write one song a day if pushed.

Stronger than Me by Amy Winehouse:

Stronger Than Me was not a great song by any means, but the lyrics are extraordinary in every sense. As mature as the lyric is, the song won the Ivor Novello Award for best song Lyrically and Musically in 2004. It’s widely assumed that she wrote this song about her ex Chris Taylor, but was never mentioned anywhere.

Royals by Lorde:

Royals is called the greatest striver’s anthem of the modern era. It was universally hailed as one of the most marvelling pop songs. Following the insider’s rating of it being the 8th best song of 2010, it was acclaimed as the 9th best song of the 21st century.
She was just 15 when she wrote this song in half an hour. She exclaimed how she had the song’s concept way before she actually started writing and producing it.

Uptight by Stevie Wonder:

Uptight refreshed the career of Stevie Wonder with two Grammy nominations in 1956 after he debuted at the age of 11. Stevie Wonder co-created the song with Moy, who credited Stevie for being the stepping stone of this magnificent song. She also voiced how Stevie started singing ‘everything is alright, uptight.’ and they just started off with that only.

Criminal by Fiona Apple:

The Criminal was Fiona Apple’s Grammy-winning anthem and greatest charting single ever. It even topped the infamous Jennifer Lopez clip of the film ‘Hustler’. She even proposed to give the song to Jennifer Lopex for free if she wanted to dance to it. She denied any association to the lyrics of the song with any of her life events.

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