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Lauran Hibberd, You Never Looked so Cool owning that stage

by Shannon Garner. Published Thu 23 Sep 2021 11:00, last updated: 22/09/21

It’s great to come across an up and coming artist by hearing about them for the first time when it’s live. That’s what happened when I heard the insanely catchy, upbeat tracks by Isle of Wight native Lauran Hibberd.

The 22-year-old singer-songwriter has recently been supporting British pop band The Vamps on their Cherry Blossom Tour around the UK and she was a force to be reckoned with.

Before Hibberd even stepped on stage, it was obvious she had some of her own fans in the crowd as the chants of endearment and excitement could be heard sporadically and felt throughout the venue.

Having written songs and played the guitar since she was 14, Hibberd was a complete natural on stage. Her high levels of energy radiated through the crowd as everyone jumped to the aggressive beat of her opening song ‘Bleugh’.

The cool and confident attitude flows complimentary into her set, which was packed full of punchy and witty tunes from her latest EP release ‘Goober’.

The EP is filled with clever lyricism, sarcasm and satire which is conveyed in both her performance and general chats with the audience. It is entirely relatable, at times very personal, reflective and deep and the audience were latching onto every word she sung or spoke.

Hibberd’s voice contrasted well with the rockier edge of her songs and floating between guitar-heavy tracks such as ‘Bleugh’ to softer, more dreamy ones like ‘You Never Looked so Cool’, she and her band were truly captivating.

Even though a support acts slot of four to five songs is never enough to fully determine how you feel about an artist, her performance was not to be missed.

The main takeaway from the show was that Lauran Hibberd’s attitude really resonates with any crowd whether they are a fan or not. That girl can get people involved in a show, even if they aren’t feeling it yet.


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