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All Time Low unleash hopeful new single titled Once In A Lifetime

by Shannon Garner. Published Mon 29 Mar 2021 09:32, last updated: 01/04/21

Pop-punk outfit All Time Low have manged to shine a hopeful light for their listeners amid the dark times we've been experiencing during the pandemic, with new single ‘Once In A Lifetime’.

It’s been nearly a year since the quartet graced us with the perfect summer album ‘Wake Up, Sunshine’ and now they are back with their new material.

Despite the pandemic preventing fans from hearing their most recent album live, the band made sure to deliver plenty of virtual performances until live events can make their return.

The new single, written with the band’s frequent collaborators Zakk Cervini and Andrew Goldstein, has the same laid-back and distinctly pop edge to it as their critically acclaimed 2020 album.

Speaking about the track, frontman Alex Gaskarth said: “‘Once In A Lifetime’ is a song about loss and dealing with loss, facing harsh realities, and coming out the other side stronger for it.

“We wrote this song in bleaker times, in a world still asleep at the wheel that left us all relearning how to navigate the uncertain roads ahead, but ultimately there is a hopeful undertone to the entire sentiment.

“Things can only be so bad and once it’s over, it’s over; there’s room to start rebuilding.

“This song feels like it’s cut from the same cloth as ‘Monsters’: a progression and continued evolution from the celebration of All Time Low that was ‘Wake Up, Sunshine’.”

The catchy choruses are full of upbeat guitars, driving drum beats, and a cascading melody that brings the band right back to their core and will make any OG fan incredibly happy.

One way Gaskarth describes the new track is captured in the pre-chorus. “I know there’s no turning back/ We already made this bed/ And I can’t even sleep in it” expresses the idea of facing harsh realities.

It is a feel-good song despite the deep lyricism and can be interpreted in many ways, making it something that everyone can relate to.

Gaskarth said how it’s a song about realising that you can pull yourself out of any situation where you don’t think you can feel worse than you already do which is something everyone will have faced at one point in their lives.

All Time Low are set to return to the UK in September 2021 for rescheduled shows in London, Manchester, and Glasgow.

Having been together since 2003, the evolution of the band’s music over the years just proves that All Time Low are not going anywhere anytime soon.

With the loss of normalcy during the pandemic and having to adjust to a newer way of living for the time being, ‘Once In A Lifetime’ could not have come at a better time.

The idea of coming out the other side stronger and that once something is over, it’s over perfectly aligns with life as we knew it hopefully returning soon and being able to start over again.

It’s always a pleasure to hear new material by All Time Low and hopefully, the new single is hinting at a ninth studio album for later this year.


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