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Against The Current are back and thriving with fiery new single Weapon

by Shannon Garner. Published Tue 16 Mar 2021 20:48, last updated: 18/03/21

Pop-rock trio Against The Current are making a fierce comeback with their new single ‘Weapon’.

The new track comes alongside an accompanying video and is their second offering since their 2018 album ‘Past Lives’.

‘Weapon’ is a punchy, infectious tune and as one of their heaviest tracks, has the necessary grit and edge to attract pop-punk and rock fans.

Speaking about the track, frontwoman Chrissy Costanza said: “Weapon is about the invisible wars we wage within ourselves, where we are simultaneously the protagonist and the antagonist of our own story. I’ve spent so much time being my own worst enemy, as the weapon that destroys relationships I care about.

“This song is about that battle and the victory I strive for but always seem to fall short of. We wrote it in a time of darkness that existed both in the world around us but also in my own head. This song is a triumph over that darkness.”

The new pop-punk anthem is completely inviting as it instantly kicks in with a churning melee of guitars and pacey beats yet is utterly dizzying.

The energising pop-punk guitar riffs combined with powerful, punchy drums and passionate, killer vocals express the hard-hitting message in a feel-good, positive way.

Costanza can be found hitting entrancing high notes in the fiery, upbeat choruses which vastly portray the theme of waging a war on yourself. “I seem fine/ But I can’t take the highs and the lows/ All I am is a weapon/ I shoot ‘em down ‘till I end up alone” touches on the invisible war of being your own enemy and about ruining relationships.

What drives this tune, in part, is the intense rock instrumentals which are nothing but climactic and further elevate it, making ‘Weapon’ a powerhouse.

The new single is a forceful and highly impactful piece of work and the stylistic choices allow the track to appeal to fans of all genres.

Between this and the release of ‘That Won’t Save Us’ in October 2020, the future of Against The Current is looking bright and we look forward to hearing what else they have in store.


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