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Tyler Posey proves he's more than just an actor with Shut Up

by Shannon Garner. Published Wed 17 Mar 2021 11:42, last updated: 17/03/21

Teen Wolf heartthrob Tyler Posey has released his debut solo single and proved he’s more than just an actor with ‘Shut Up’.

Posey is mainly known for his role as Scott McCall in MTV’s hit show Teen Wolf and it may come as a shock to some that he produces music.

Throughout his career, Posey has made himself known for his ability to tell stories of others, whether it be through acting or music, and ‘Shut Up’ is no exception.

The single, co-written and produced by John Feldmann from Goldfinger, features indie darling Phem and blink-182 drummer Travis Barker.

The new track can be interpreted in many ways which makes it relatable to every listener. It could be about a relationship or friendship falling apart or about the struggle one has with themselves.

Posey’s solo venture is a result of the coronavirus pandemic and whilst stuck at home, he began exploring the deep-rooted anxiety, depressing and childhood trauma that manifested into both drug and alcohol abuse.

Speaking of how he turned to music during those dark times, Posey said: “I’ve experimented with different things since I was a kid, then took a break.

“As soon as quarantine really hit, I was in a weird place. I didn’t have anything else to do.”

“From start to finish, this song really did feel like something special. I wrote the verses on a trip in an RV with my dogs and my friend and felt like it was progressing so naturally in a perfect way.”

The vulnerable narrative that inspired the single is highlighted by the emotional vocals from both Posey and Phem which is elevated half way through the song with Barker’s signature drum style.

Posey shows how far he has come in the first verse. “Out of this room, it’s heavy/ It’s never f*cking ending/ Spinning walls, I owe it all to drug abuse and alcohol” shows the personal reflection of the experiences he’s been through and personal growth as he can now admit to them and use them for a creative purpose.

Reflecting on the path that led him here, Posey said: “I just feel proud. I’m proud of the music we wrote, but also how far I’ve come. I went to a pretty dark place but I got out of it.

“I can honestly say right now is the happiest, most present I’ve ever been.”

Posey continues to show his pop-punk roots and influences on ‘Shut Up’ that are seen in previous works of his bands.

But, this debut single unveils a more sensitive side to Posey that PVMNTS and Five North fans haven’t heard before.

I guess you could say music acts like a form of therapy for some.


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