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Kartel finds solace in the sharing with latest single titled Stand By Me

by Alley Richardson. Published Fri 11 Dec 2020 11:00

There is something personally fulfilling in expressing our deepest emotions through art and for Danny Kartel that’s the aim. At 29, he’s discovered a talent within himself from the darkest moments and through music is able to share it in an attempt to help others.

Liverpool born Kartel began writing just six months ago as an outlet for his depression and anxiety.

“It was taking its toll on me and I needed to do something to express how I was feeling” he admits.

As a 90’s kid he found inspiration in artists such as Michael Jackson, NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, Take That and George Michael. The love of their soulful, relaxing sounds and harmonies carries over into Danny’s own music.

Telling the tales of darkest days of despair and despite the crushing weight of the intense black cloud that could engulf him it is through his music there is a phoenix-like strength to stay on top.

Writing and producing the work himself, the sound being a simple mix of light melodic electronics coupled with the soothing, yet brutally honest lyrics, a tribute almost to street theatre and rhythmic spoken word.

His latest release however comes through as a kind of love letter, a lighter yet no less deeper expression.
Stand By Me is the heartfelt appreciation track to the woman he loves, who has stood by his side and been his rock.

“It’s a song about her and for her” says Danny for the love and encouragement she has given and without whom I wouldn’t have begun this journey.

Finding solace in the sharing Danny has released his music to help others who may be going through similar things and early feedback from his growing listeners he has discovered that his goal is slowly being achieved.

As yet there are no immediate plans for an album but something that he feels would like to plan for next year.

Listen in our video box. https://youtu.be/TNOJGTL0Unk


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