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Making a case for best songs and albums of 2020

by Pierce King . Published Wed 02 Dec 2020 14:45

This year has been a bad phase for the music industry because of the Covid pandemic and artists could not perform in any shows. Many of the big artists were not sure whether to release any album at all. Music has a great role to play in healing the mood of humans.

Even the casinos go on playing the music while the players go on playing the games. Many players see the quality of music before they decide on why choosing this casino. In addition to this turbulence, there was movement by the Black Lives Matter where the racial oppression against the blacks in the music industry was highlighted.

In spite of all these disturbances, there were five tracks that really dominated the streaming and radio platforms. Here is a list of some of the best music albums that dominated in the minds of the music lovers in the year 2020.

Fiona Apple – Fetch the Bolt Cutters

Fetch the Bolt Cutters is a wonderful comeback by Fiona Apple after she gave a big hit in the last year’s hit film on crime named Hustlers. Fetch the Bolt Cutters has been named after a sentence said by Gillian Anderson in the series The Fall. It is an art pop album which has been described as idiosyncratic with some thrill.

Fiona Apple has recorded the album at home and has used the bones of her pet dead dog for playing the percussion. The lyrics of the song cover many modern burning issues such as bullying, depression and sexual violence. In spite of all these burning issues, Fiona Apple has never lost her sense of humour. This peculiar combination has made the song a great hit among the music lovers. Critics say that Fiona Apple has added another feather in the cap in this year 2020 in spite of the Covid pandemic.

Chloe and Halle – Ungodly Hour

This album from the sisters Chloe and Halle Bailey has become very popular in 2020. The album offers R&B in a modern form. The album has been produced by Beyoncé as she discovered the two sisters performing on YouTube. Impressed by their performance, she signed a deal with them for her Parkwood Entertainment. The two sisters seem to be very confident in the show as they have showed monotony among the drum beats and continuous vocal harmonies.

They have covered a large range of titles and types which include UK garage and the famous classic blues. Critics are of the opinion that the success of this album named Ungodly Hour has created a bright future for the Chloe and Halle Bailey sisters in the long run. While Chloe has been serious with the production aspects of the output, Hailey has got a cast as Ariel in the remake of Little Mermaid by Disney.

Bob Dylan – Rough and Rowdy Ways

This 79 years old famous singer has released a wonderful album in 2020 which has become an instant hit among the music lovers. Bob Dylan has recorded an album of his original songs after a long gap of eight years. The songs in this album has been rightly described as a rich poetic meditation on death, life and his own set of mythologies in the lyrics.

One of the songs in this album has been framed on the cultural impact of the assassination of JFK and has been named Murder Most Foul. It is a 17 minute epic and has got moments of levity. In the opening Salvo named I Contain Multitudes, the singer has compared himself to Indiana Jones, Anne Frank and also the famous British boys named The Rolling Stones.

He has made no attempt to hide the weariness which is expected in a 79 years old voice and it only helps to heighten the power of the singer’s beautiful wrought laments. Some of these songs have flair of folk or bluesy and also sometimes transcendent. The album has been appreciated by the music lovers worldwide.

Dua Lipa – Future Nostalgia

This album named Future Nostalgia by Dua Lipa was released in the month of March when Covid 19 was at its worst stage. Covid pandemic was making the grip tight and the pop album which can be described as stellar also helped her fans to party at home maintaining social distancing norms. The singer made her debut in the year 2017 and that was a great attempt to cover all their bases.

The follow up of that album has been a huge success as her fans has appreciated the music to a great extent. The lyrics of the songs have a great concept and the execution of the project has been quite sharp. The title track has a name-check for the modern architect John Lautner and that is not the only smart touch in the album. The song Break My Heart has a wonderful touch of the guitar as the player has perfectly lifted the guitar from Need You Tonight by INXS.

Róisín Murphy – Róisín Machine

A part of Moloko, the electronic eccentric duo till 2004, Róisín Murphy has been known for constant innovative approach as a solo artist. After her hugely successful album named Overpowered in 2007, this album is considered to be her best and the music with the drum beats clearly shows that she has a great and deep understanding of the club culture of the urban towns.

The music covers Murphy’s law which has a great disco output and also the great entertainment of We Got Together. The producer of the album is Richard Barratt and the duo has created a mind blowing head rush for the club music lovers. Such type of music was desperately needed by the music lovers, especially in the current mood of the pandemic year.


Starting from slow and classical music with deep thoughts, the year 2020 has seen the composition of all types of music including hard rock which is ideal for the club music lovers. People of all tastes got their preferred flavour in the market.


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