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Halsey Manic World Tour Review

by Danielle Wilson. Published Fri 13 Mar 2020 20:23, last updated: 15/03/20

Halsey returned to Manchester for the first time in 4years, closing the Manic World Tour tremendously last night, and fans will be lucky to still have their voices.

Manchester locals, Pale Waves opened up the show, giving the crowd a taste of the energy that would fill the rest of their night. From the audience’s reaction, the band already had numerous fans there, and made a lot of new ones by the end of their performance.

The arena quickly filled to the brim with fans eager to hear hits from the 25-year-old’s latest and third studio album, Manic released in January, and the set list definitely didn’t disappoint.

Opening her set with Nightmare, she pumped up the crowd ready for the next 2 hours of nonstop jumping, singing and shouting. The mix of old and new songs hit the spot, with all 25 being fan-favourites.

Songs from her first and second studio albums, Badlands and Hopeless Fountain Kingdom were sprinkled within Manic hits.

Engaging with the crowd between songs, she said: “When you guys do that and start cheering like that, it literally means so much to me. It’s the most moving thing, but I never know what the fuck to do.”

Chants of her name flooded the arena and she was speechless again, “You’re doing that thing where someone tries to give you a gift and you’re like ‘oh no wait, my gift first’, let me give you a gift first. This is about you guys.”

An acoustic version of HFK’s 100 letters, Manic’s finally // beautiful stranger and Room 93’s Is There Somewhere mellowed the crowd to give a break the show hyped back up during the fourth act and encore.

“Because of you guys I get to see my little brother turn 15 years old this year, and because of you guys my mother calls me every single night before she puts her head down on her pillow to sleep, no matter where I am in the world, because of you guys, one day I’ll grow old with a family somewhere in the middle of fucking nowhere.

“Because you have given me a second chance at a life that at one point in time I didn’t fucking want, and now I want it more than anything in the world.”

The peak of the night was hearing Halsey’s collaboration with Bring Me The Horizon, Experiment on Me, from the Birds of Prey soundtrack. The standing crowd were instantly fired back up, with circle pits and constant jumping.

The night came to a close almost too soon, having had an energetic night, the fans were given what they waited almost half a decade for. New and old fans alike came together to celebrate and sing along to Halsey’s hits, and we hope it isn’t long until she’s back.


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