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Paris Youth Foundation smash it at the Zanzibar with victorious home town gig

by Milka Cherkezova. Published Fri 28 Feb 2020 16:03

Liverpool rockers Paris Youth Foundation tore the roof off legendary live music venue the Zanzibar last night with a monster home town gig which leaves them hotly tipped to see their stardom rise.

The five piece band were full of swagger for opening number ‘Look what you started,’ and the audience knew straight away that we were in for a treat.

The Zanzibar, which just celebrated it's 30th birthday, was packed to the rafters with excited music heads. Another standout performance was ‘Goodbye’.

The energy remained constant throughout the gig, with the crowd of friendly faces and new fans cheering and singing along to their songs enthusiastically. With new single Home Is Where The Heart Is” had the audience moving in unison and feeling the power of their electrifying performance.

But one of the more surprising highlights was an acoustic rendition of ‘London’- a goose bump raising thought provoking song, which allowed the energy to come down a notch.

Yet, the undoubted highlight of the show was when Kevin Potter came off the stage and stood with the crowd, making the fans scream with excitement. His effortless and relaxed style allowed the girls in the crowd to appreciate his classic good looks up close.

They also sang new songs from an upcoming album that not many knew, but they were received warmly and with equal gusto as their established playlist.

Everyone enjoyed it so much that the crowd booed when the band announced that the concert was about to end.

This was their first hometown show in months and was a huge success. The 6th stop on a UK tour, with many more to come. Purple Revolver are urging you to check them out, especially all the indie-rock fans out there.

Paris Youth Foundation have an upcoming show in London on the 28th of February in the ‘Waiting Room’, so for our readers down South - go watch them if you can!.

We're also setting up a sit down to find out more about these guys, who are definitely ones to watch. So stay tuned for an interview.

PR rating - blistering energy leaving sweat dripping down the walls, everything you want from a gig - 4/5


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