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Lorde wows thousands of fans at Parklife Festival 2018

by Natalie Barlow. Published Tue 12 Jun 2018 13:41

Lorde certainly put the ‘Heat’ into Heaton Park in Manchester this past Saturday at Parklife Festival 2018.

The New Zealand born superstar took to the main stage before the likes of N*E*R*D, The XX and Liam Gallagher, and what was the biggest crowd of the weekend so far were ecstatic when Lorde walked on to the stage wearing a purple trouser and crop top combo behind her band and contemporary dancers who played their part in making her set so aesthetically pleasing.

With every song, parts of Lorde’s music videos played on the large screen behind her and whilst the 21 year old sounded amazing, it took a while for her to sing some of her most well known and loved hits.

The army of fans that had gathered from all over the world waved their countries flags in the air as Lorde belted out hits from her 2017 album, Melodrama.

What was so refreshing was Lorde’s energy, she ran up and down the stage before jumping into her crowd of fans and giving lucky members of the audience hugs. The critically acclaimed singer-songwriter was also lifted up into the air by her dancers as they gracefully moved her around the stage and she still managed to sound amazing.

It’s when the unforgettable lead single from her debut album, ‘Royals’, began to play that the crowd went wild and almost every glittery festival goer sang along at the top of their lungs – it was that song that arguably got Lorde to where she is today.

Before slowing it down with ‘Liability’, Lorde sat on the edge of the stage and told the audience that she wrote this song when she felt unloved and that she felt her friends thought she was lame, she emphasised that if any of us felt like that then to ‘F*ck them’ as people treating us badly are not our people, but Lorde herself is our people – looking around, there were a few sweating eyes as fans felt the message within her lyrics, but it was only a matter of time before Lorde started dancing to the club music coming from another stage in the park leaving the crowd laughing at her antics.

Lorde finished with ‘Team’ and ‘Green Light’ and it was impossible to look around and not see someone sat on the shoulders of a brave individual – the crowd danced, sang along and went crazy when an almighty amount of confetti was plunged over everyone – with many people describing her set to be ‘one of the stand out moments of the day’, Lorde certainly didn’t disappoint with her atmospheric hour long set.


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