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Stone Sour level Leeds on the Hydrograd tour

by Frank Ralph. Published Fri 01 Dec 2017 13:44, last updated: 01/12/17

Tonight’s support, The Pretty Reckless are a great band. A truly great band.

They have the cool gene flowing through their bones and more importantly they have the tunes to back it up. They are so much more than a vanity project for the former Gossip Girl actress Taylor Momsen (which in the past, has been an unfair criticism that has been aimed at them) they really are a force and can hold their own on any bill. 

Its 15 years since Stone Sour first graced these shores and as the band took to the stage they got a hero’s welcome.

Corey calls the UK ‘his island’ and it's clear that he is thankful and appreciative of the support he has been given by every person here in whatever guise he has appeared in the past - although it’s also clear that he is REALLY confused by the chants of Yorkshire! Yorkshire! Yorkshire! that fill the arena tonight.

The bands ability to fill arenas, not just with people, but also their music and energy is beyond question - but Corey’s ability to connect with every single person in the room is magical to watch. Whether it was with a big shit eating grin that got them cheering or an impassioned monologue about a shared love of real, genuine music that had them losing their minds, he had this crowd in the palm of his hand all night.

With a good half a dozen tracks from this year’s impressive 6th album Hydrograd seeing the light of day it’s obvious to see Stone Sour are in a strong and creative mindset.

The combination of the Johny Chow and Roy Mayorga rhythm section felt like being repeatedly kicked in the chest and formed the bedrock of some big ass arena sized anthems for Christian Martucci and Josh Rand to work their magic over.

They may be less ‘extreme’ than Corey’s other band but they have more than their fair share of heavy moments, and the fact that he's probably less likely to puke on himself or pass out in this band doesn't mean he takes it easier or gives it any less. 

Cold Reader took us right back to the beginning and with the rarely played Say You’ll Haunt Me and Hesitate from Audio Secrecy we got the full gamut of Stone Sour with Rose Red Violent Blue (This Song Is Dumb, and So Am I) being the latest and most enjoyable in our opinion. From the confetti guns to the treat of a fantastic version of Sabbath’s Children of the Grave (because this is place where all the metal was invented) it was more than just a mere gig - it was a party.

There was also love in the air tonight and we were lucky enough to witness a young, nervous as all hell, man called Doug proposing to his girlfriend in the arena foyer. She said yes. That made a great night even more special. Good luck to you both Doug and Paige.

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