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Top 10 Foo Fighters Songs

by Pierce King. Published Fri 17 Nov 2017 22:27

In case you stayed hidden under a rock in the past 23 years and don’t already know who the Foo Fighters are, then you should learn that they’re an American rock band that started playing for the first time around 1994 in Seattle. The idea for the band was the ex-drummer of Nirvana, Dave Grohl after the death of Kurt Cobain.

The project was initially a one-man band and there was an album released in this composition but soon after Grohl started recruiting to from the Foo Fighters we all know and love today. This is no list of top online casinos, here’s a list of their top 10 Foo Fighetrs Songs you should definitely listen to:

10 Headwires - There is Nothing Left to Lose Album 1999

There’s something special about Headwires. It has that classic Foo Fighters sound, the all familiar guitar tone, it’s perfect.

9 No Way Back – In Your Honor Album 2005

A song with a bit different vibe then what you’ve expect as a big Foo Fighters fan, No Way Back has a hard-hitting sound to it that makes it very appealing. The guitar just roars the life on this song and Grohl’s voice even though it’s not quite howling, it definitely has a lot of anger to it. Perhaps that’s what makes it catch this top.

8 Still – In Your Honor Album 2005

Apparently, David Grohl was inspired to do this song after getting a bit tired of the certain sound they had and wanting to explore a bit more with the instruments, leading to slower songs. It’s a visceral song that really paints a picture.

7 Bridge Burning – Wasting Light Album 2011

The number 7 in the list is straight from their hard rock atmosphere with a great guitar that just carries the whole song along. It has an almost menacing guitar riff that opens up the song and you just know it’s going to be great.

6 Everlong – The Colour and the Shape Album 1997

This song is one of those hit songs that you can still listen to years after and have the same joy and vibe you had when you first listened to it in 1997.

5. Alone and Easy Target – Foo Fighters Album 1995

This song is from the time when Dave Grohl was the only band member in Foo Figters. You can still feel the pain and tragedy surrounding him after what happened to Curt Kobain and that made a great song.

4. Walk – Wasting Light Album 2011

A song that is a little bit more emotionally inclined from what the Foo Fighters were doing in that period, Walk is another amazing creation that you should try.

3. All My Life – One by One Album 2002

Even though the band expressed mixed feelings regarding this album, All My Life is definitely a highlight and a good contestant for the Hard Rock Hall of Fame. Something that can easily be used in a free no deposit bonus mobile casino app, for instance.

2 The Pretender – Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace Album 2007

A real classic, The Pretender couldn’t take any other spot in this top simply because it gives out the exact vibe that the Foo Fighters wanted to express at their hard-rocking best.

1 Let it Die - Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace Album 2007

Finally, the number one spot goes to Let It Die simply because you just don’t know what to expect when you first start to listen to it. This song is fierce, it is unexpected, unruly and everything about it is just awesomely bitter in the best possible way.


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