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Jungle at Invisible Wind Factory: Like taking a bath with jellyfish

by Lois Warrington. Published Sun 05 Nov 2017 16:11, last updated: 05/11/17

Flashes of blue and purple alluded the Liverpool crowd anticipating the arrival of Jungle.

Whenever Jungle perform, there is always an airy tension amongst eagerly waiting fans because without a shadow of a doubt, there’s greatness, then there’s Jungle, who are far beyond that.

The aesthetically pleasing Invisible Wind Factory boded well with the iconic Jungle banner along with the band’s electric visual performance. The perfect balance of listening to “Drops” and the crowd going mad for tracks like “Busy Earnin’”. (However, a pain the ass for whoever pays the leccy bill.)

Jungle were amongst huge names such as Chic, Nile Rogers and Everything Everything this year at the Liverpool Music Week. It’s been a while since they have performed on scouse ground and guitarist Josh knew exactly how to get a crowd of excited and geared up scousers going by saying “Liverpool, you’re fucking mental”.

It seemed the band were taken back by the overwhelming reception but if it’s one thing people of Liverpool love – it’s good music.

The live band consisted of 6 members fronted by guitarists Joshua James Lloyd-Watson and Tom McFarland with Rudi Salmon and Andro Cowperthwaite both too chill and too cool stimulating the ensemble’s stage presence.

Jungle’s sound can only be described as like taking a bath with jellyfish – your eyes wide, your body electric and you’re not going to forget it. With their warping neo soul vibe and the distinctive unique vocals - they sound just as good live as they do on their self-titled LP.

Specifically, when Josh sang “Drops” with a breath-taking level of elegance hitting notes which would be considered myth for a human to reach. Hashtag conspiracy theory.

The band were also supported by Makeness and Stealing Sheep. Makeness are a two piece band which is always intriguing to watch and they were also enticing to listen to with their minimal and experimental sound. Stealing Sheep were exceptional.

They are a band pioneered by three very talented women from Liverpool with a fierce stage presence to equal their tracks. The two acts definitely created a hype before the entrance of Jungle and are definitely one’s to keep an eye on.

Hopefully we can look forward to hearing more of Jungle in the New Year and seeing them even sooner!

Purple Revolver rating: 5/5


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