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Living Colour at Liverpool's Hangar 34

by Khyle Deen. Published Thu 12 Oct 2017 21:48

Hangar 34 played host to a rocking crowd this past Friday night as funk metal legends Living Colour headlined the night playing a selection of songs from their latest album Shade.

Ahead of their excellent set, Stone Broken got the crowd excited and amped up crowd, performing a hard rocking selection of songs from their 2016 debut album All In Time, gearing the crowd up and kicking off a loud, pumping evening, Stone Broken jammed really great, drummer Robyn especially came to play, rocking out, thumping the drums and putting on a fantastic performance with each song, perfectly complementing lead singer Rich’s vocals, especially during their song Better, a top favourite from their set!

Guitarist Chris & bassist Kieron deserve a boss mention too, solos and strums a plenty, they well and truly were ready to rock and electrify, pre-heating the crowd expertly.

Stone Broken closed their set and mentioned that their new album is coming very soon in early 2018, putting in some studio time in the days after the show, certainly ones to watch out for.

More than ready for the headliners, the crowd applauded as Living Colour took to the stage and took to their positions.

Corey sounded as brilliant as ever on vocals, hitting high notes like it’s no trouble at all, playing a slew of tracks from their latest album Shade, with more social commentary weaning in through guitarist Vernon’s funky guitar playing.

The solo interludes towards the end of the show by Will Calhoun on the drums, and Doug Wimbish on the bass, were nothing short of hard and heavy, a fantastic play in between the tail end of the set.

With Love Rears Its Ugly Head, Who’s That? A brilliant cover of Biggie’s Who Shot Ya? And the classic hit Cult Of Personality being the top highlights from this epic night, Living Colour are certainly to be witnessed live, loud and in person.

Purple Revolver rating: 4.5/5


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