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Billie Marten at Liverpool's Sound Food & Drink

by Khyle Deen. Published Fri 06 Oct 2017 15:38, last updated: 06/07/18

Liverpool’s Sound Food & Drink on Duke Street played host to the lovely Billie Marten supported by the excellent melodic musings of Eleanor Nelly, it was a night that’s etched onto the audience's minds as one to remember.

Newcomer Eleanor captured the audience's attention with her words, we were whisked away on a journey of love, expectations of love, while she painted the vision of a view from a Florida window and the wish of lingering in that moment. Encapsulated in a Polaroid.

Eleanor also performed a song titled Paper Aeroplane, featuring a lovely line: “I’m like the ocean, I can be deep when I’m blue, but despite the fascination, I can sink ships too.”

Prior to her set, Eleanor mentioned not really planning her set and kind of “winging it” which seemed an interesting angle to take for a supporting act.

Each song flowed nicely though, and the power and passion in her voice could be heard through her symphonic strums in a way that made you feel like it was just you in the room.

This set the tone perfectly for the entire night. The crowd pleasing songs of Eleanor's were titled Eventually, and Polaroid, but all of her songs are special and have to be experienced.

To put it simply, Eleanor Nelly is one to watch.

It was early 2015 when I first heard Billie Marten’s music, it was on a Spotify playlist, the song was Heavy Weather, since that first listen I’ve been in love with her voice, so some 2 and a half years, now aged 18 and with a full album now available, when I heard she was coming to Liverpool, I knew I had to see her live.

Her music and her voice can be described as serene, many on social media have also described her as angelic, a fitting description, especially on some songs in particular, those songs being Milk & Honey and Lionhearted, which are found on her album Writing of Blues and Yellows.

Having watched videos online of her playing live, seeing her live and in person is a different, much higher experience, once Billie opened her set, she sang each song so perfectly, sounding exactly like the record, it was as if she wasn’t really singing..

The middle of her set arrived with the aforementioned Lionhearted, a beautiful song filled with imagination and vivid imagery.

Closing her set out with Milk & Honey was quite a magical ending to an amazing night.

Billie Marten’s debut album, Writing of Blues and Yellows is currently available now in both standard and deluxe editions.

She is currently on a tour of the UK and Ireland, we at Purple Revolver urge any music lovers to go and see her live, it’s a memorable experience to say the least.


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