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Sugarmen and The Jesus & Mary Chain at Liverpool O2 Academy

by Lois Warrington. Published Wed 27 Sep 2017 22:27, last updated: 27/09/17

After all the surprises we have had so far in 2017 - The Jesus and Mary Chain releasing their first album after 19 long years has been by far one of the best yet.

Damage and Joy oozes that nostalgic rawness and ludicrous habile that will you will find yourself listening to it over and over again. They honoured us with their presence at the Liverpool O2 Academy with our favourite local lads Sugarmen, instantly we knew that this was not one to miss.
The legendary The Jesus and Mary Chain packed out the venue with an eclectic mixture of age groups -
notably eager middle-aged men who fervently held their phones in the air to capture the greatness in a girlish haste.

The band's bold and extrovert entrance to the stage with the first track on the LP, Amputation, left limbs flying through the darkness. Whoever was in control of the lights needs to be reminded that one in every 103 people in the UK have epilepsy and 8 out of 9 do class As which in turn can add to the atmosphere suppose. However, Dave, 42 from Wavertree went live on Facebook and I'm sure he felt like he was back in the 80s all over again.

Nevertheless, the laid back Reid brothers preserved rock n roll with their The Velvet Underground vibe on tracks such as "Always Sad" by adding a special touch from vocalist Isobel Campbell. The paradox of that dirty rock enhanced with a heavenly overtone from female input such as Sky Ferreira, really adds a current and modern sound in contrast to the earlier albums.
Our favourites Sugarmen introduced the night playing some of the tracks from their new album Local Freaks which is soon to be released on 6th October.
The boys have an undeniable skill to pamper you with a noise so refined and intelligently devised that you will gawp in their excellence. After watching the lads at Liverpool International Music Festival – they seemed more charged up and ready to go than ever.

With their catchy new track Kool-Aid airing them Indie Rock summer blues vibes. Giving us hot guitar riffs and a feverish reminder that Sugarmen are one of the most exciting up and coming bands this year!

We wish all the best to the lads on their tour with The Jesus and Mary Chain and have no doubt that they will also follow in the footsteps for legendary recognition in years to come.

We recommend anyone who wants to see greatness to attend one of the gigs on the tour!


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