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Manchester Surrenders itself to Cheap Trick's rock and roll.

by Frank Ralph. Published Fri 30 Jun 2017 09:34, last updated: 30/06/17

Rock and Roll Hall of Famers Cheap Trick, aka ‘Americas House Band’ brought their legendary live show to Manchester - not only to put massive smiles on people’s faces but to also support their recently released ‘We're All Alright’ album. Their 18th!

Having had some success with releases, but not as much as you'd think in their 40 odd years of being a band, it’s as a live act that they have made a name and left their mark. Landmark album Live at Budokan is heralded as one of THE greatest live albums in history.

With a list as long as your arm of massive bands you’d love touting them as heroes and influences from Joey Ramone to Foo Fighters and Pearl Jam and even Homer Simpson, they've always been a band you've heard of but it wasn’t until Download 2012 when they and Twisted Sister stole the whole weekend that I personally realised how good they actually were. 

Their sound instantly transports you to the 70s and even new track ‘You Got It Going On’ sounds like it was born way back then. Every song is full of personality giving you a fully schizophrenic representation of rock, all pinned down by some truly great musicianship. 

Rick Nielson has some of THE most fantastically absurd guitars on the planet, even bringing out one that’s shaped like him with each leg being a guitar neck, his son Daxx brings out all the flair moves as he drums and bassist Tom Petersson is accredited with inventing the 12-string bass which he plays majestically during a mid-set bass interlude that bled its way into an incredible and dark version of Velvet Undergrounds’ ‘I’m Waiting for the Man’.

They were sonically impressive and then massive singalongs like 'I Want You to Want Me' and 'Dream Police' show they can also craft exquisite pop songs.

Then one of my favourite songs ‘Surrender’, which I first heard when Terrorvision covered it back in t’day, began the end of the night before they said ‘Goodnight’. The whole show was incredible and being that good live only comes from all the hard work they’ve put in over the year touring. Long may it continue.


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