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Steps release their latest album after 17 years called Tears on the Dancefloor

by David Sanderson. Published Fri 12 May 2017 13:12

Pop legends Steps have come back to the world of music with one of the most surprisingly sturdy albums of 2017 so far, Tears on the Dancefloor.

Seventeen years on from their most recent collection Buzz, the famous five have reunited for a much needed fifth studio album.
But does this album live up to classics such as Tragedy or 5,6,7,8?

In short, yes it does.

Lead single Scared of the Dark is a gloriously disco infused slice of pop heaven, reminiscent of Abba.

As well as pleasing their strong following, the solid hit will quite easily win over new fans.

And talking of Abba, new single Story of a Heart is a cover of Benny Andersson track from 2009.

It yet again sounds like a classic by the Swedish foursome, and it tells the story of falling in and out of love.

On the other hand, the album has its rare weak points.

Firefly is not only the most vanilla track on this album, but perhaps the blandest in the group’s back catalogue.

Whilst it’s not an objectively bad track, it doesn’t stand up to some of the classic dancefloor fillers.

On the whole, Steps have returned to the music industry as a breath of fresh air.

The refreshing thing is that the group don’t feel the need to go along with the industry’s current trends of tropical house and dancehall.

Now that the group are back, hopefully this is the first of the many albums of the reunited Steps.


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