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Glenn Hughes at The Manchester Academy 2

by Chris High. Published Mon 30 Jan 2017 12:35, last updated: 30/01/17
(c) Martin Bone
(c) Martin Bone

The anticipation is palpable in the Manchester University Student Union bar beforehand; Glenn Hughes - a true icon, former Deep Purple and, now, Black Country Communion front man, bassist extraordinaire ... The Voice of Rock himself – is about to take the stage.

They’re not going to be disappointed. The man still has it in spades and then some, despite a life that’s been almost stereotypical Rock ‘n’ Roll.

First up though it is Stone Broken and it has to be said that The Midlands are doing pretty well with regards to turning out some of the finest Rock around: Broken Witt Rebels, Joanne Shaw Taylor and Rebecca Downes all hail from this neck of the woods.

Stone Broken are a quartet – Rich Moss (Lead Vocals / Guitar), Chris Davis (Lead Guitar) Kieron Conroy (Bass) and Robyn Haycock (Drums)- hailing from Walsall and man do they Rock! A thirty minute set littered with gems, it is the collective enthusiasm and energy this band exude that most catches the eye – as well as some superb musicianship – exemplified by Moss’s uber exuberance.

That they only have one album out, All In Time, and are yet being lauded far and wide is testament to their abilities. Seeing them perform live only underlines further the fact that the hype is right. Better, Not Your Enemy and Let Me Go are all stormers that mark this as a band with a future and no mistake.

So with the scene very firmly set, it is time for Glenn Hughes. With over 40 years experience under his belt and a superb band behind him, the man takes the stage and proceeds to blast the roof off with Flow from the extraordinarily brilliant new album Resonate.

Things don’t slow down, with Soren Andersen’s guitar majesty and Pontus Engborg’s clinically devastating drumming powering the machine along, all of which is deliciously underscored by the wizardry supplied by Lach Doley’s sublime keyboarding. This latter being particularly true on the Trapeze number, Medusa.

Hughes shows he still has the voice, too. Hitting the highest of notes during Purple’s Getting’ Tighter from Come Taste The Band, he injects energy into each and every syllable and yet still manages – through his virtuoso bass playing – to still give more.

This was rock royalty playing to the crowd, but never in a patronising manner; urging each and every one of us to “love one another while we can,” can come across as schmaltzy. Not here. Instead, in light of his own concerns currently, it is instead a heartfelt and well appreciated interlude that only goes to demonstrates the man’s warmth.

Closing on Resonate’s opener, the balls out head-banger that is Heavy, and the Deep Purple classic Burn cannot help but send the audience away happy, their respect for the main man cemented in place with iron girder surrounds and a warming glow around their souls.

Glenn Hughes
Manchester Academy 2
Support: Stone Broken
January 27, 2017
PR Rating: ***** Resonating

Tour Dates


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2nd – The Fleece – Bristol, UK
4th – Le Forum – Vaureal, FRANCE
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8th – Toldkammeret – Helsingor, DENMARK
10th – Union Scene – Drammen, NORWAY
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13th – Meet Factory – Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC
14th – House Of Art – Spa Piestany, SLOVAKIA
16th – Simm City – Vienna, AUSTRIA
17th – Zona Roveri – Bologna, ITALY
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20th – Conrad Sohm – Dornbirn, AUSTRIA
22nd – Zeche – Bochum, GERMANY
23rd – 013 – Tilburg, NETHERLANDS

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