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Gary Edward Jones at Constellations, Liverpool

by Chris High. Published Fri 29 Apr 2016 10:53, last updated: 29/04/16

As if it was ever in doubt, Liverpool music is in fine fettle. With exponents as gifted as Gary Edward Jones and, his support for this evening of wonderful music, Eleanor Nelly, not only is it re-cementing the city’s historical reputation for giving rise to fresh talent, it is taking it further and creating new heights for others to aspire.

At just 16 years old, Eleanor Nelly is a marvel of guitar and lyrical mastery. Her songs – particularly the rich tones of Blue Eyes and the deeply soulful Paper Aeroplane – touch the very depths of the passion with which she sings so that they become almost tangible, malleable gifts for the listener to hold on to forever and a day. If you have any sense whatsoever – or indeed hold a love of great, original music magnificently performed – then you will seek Eleanor Nelly out straight away and add her to your playlists. Not wishing to pigeon hole, but here is a young lady who could give K T Tunstall a run for her money, both as an artist and a songwriter.

The reason for the gig, though, lay behind the launch of Gary Edward Jones’ debut single – Bang, Bang, Bang from the 2014 album, The Cabinet Maker – which also saw the presentation of the exciting, stop motion animated video crafted superbly by Matthew Dolan. This is a song about regret and about how our world is in danger yet no lessons are being learned by the powers that be. A haunting melody of depth and heartfelt emotion, underpinned by this superb short film

What Gary Edward Jones has, in spades, is a quick wit, oodles of charm and an innate recognition of what works. Take the stunning Free Falling, for instance, which just oozes class in every chord, with the superb acoustic guitar work being sublimely supported and exemplified by the four piece backing band.

The Cabinet Maker is a gorgeous tapestry of light that bristles with messages of hope, despair, passion and longing and all of which – and more – are given free rein in the live environment and so makes a Gary Edward Jones gig and event that is surely never to be missed.

Gary Edward Jones: Bang, Bang, Bang Single Launch
C/W Eleanor Nelly
April 28, 2016
Constellations Bar
Baltic Quarter, Liverpool
PR Rating: ***** Breathtakingly Good


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