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Ruby Turner at The Epstein Theatre, Liverpool

by Becky Darley. Published Sun 17 Apr 2016 10:07

Ruby Turner certainly made an impression on Liverpool at The Epstein Theatre on Friday. The intimate, classy venue made a great setting for Ruby and her team - there was not an empty seat to be seen. Filled with fans old and new, The Epstein makes a perfect home for this class act.

Ruby mentions numerous times how she "loves the venue" and wonders why she's never sang here before. She performs a fantastic rendition of So Amazing which is soulful and uplifting to get the crowd giddy - her voice is strong and accompanied by her sultry dance moves.

Along with Ruby's incredible voice, she makes a real effort to connect directly with the audience and tell her stories from past and present. She gives a beautiful tribute to her family - in particular her Father, who she reveals is the inspiration behind Master Plan. Through this song, she proves the true power of her voice. She doesn't even need the microphone, holding it down below her waist - the crowd are able to hear her loud and clear.

Ruby Turner still remains hard at work, discussing new albums on sale in the theatre and telling the tales that she would like to spend some time away from soul and blue and go back to her Protestant roots with Gospel. She proves her talents with this during This Train - available on her album 'Ruby and Jools'.

Beyond the slight microphone issues early on and a guitar string snap in the second act, Ruby powers through without batting an eye. "These things happen," she says using her hands to signal her band like a crazed conductor creating beautiful dynamics working in perfect harmony.

She speaks fondly of stars including Passenger and Lulu but her greatest tribute goes out to Etta James. Ruby performs a tearful rendition of I'd Rather Go Blind with a lengthy acapella part, warmly welcomed by a silent audience. Her emotions run high and she completes the song with a dramatic exit before returning and completing her set with Come Go With Me.

Ruby Turner is happy, smiley and hilarious. She receives a standing ovation and encouragement from the audience throughout. She's an incredible musician and you can feel the passion oozing from the whole band but what made the night was her interaction with the audience and hearing the stories behind each and every song.

Ruby Turner
The Epstein Theatre, Liverpool
April 15
PR Rating: ***** Phenomenal


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