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Jessie J live at the Liverpool Echo Arena

by James McAllister. Published Tue 05 Nov 2013 10:36, last updated: 05/11/13

Jessie J rocked out to a packed Echo Arena in Liverpool last night, preaching the lessons of life to fans young and old.

Touring her new album Alive, Jessie was on form last night, despite self confessed ‘technical hitches’. But, with so much to look at on stage, most wouldn’t have noticed.

Mixing up different tempos and genres of music, the Dagenham singer didn’t shy away from her acoustic numbers like Big White Room, but blended them seamlessly into her bigger tracks.

The Voice judge split her show into five sections, each using songs that were dedicated to a different life lesson. The aim to add structure to the show worked well, even if it was slightly predictable. Each section had a completely different feeling, and were used to spell out, you guessed it, A.L.I.V.E.

The life lessons gave the show a preachy feel to it, but this is not necessarily a bad thing. Jessie was promoting messages of Value, Love and Energy in her live performance, whilst Miley Cyrus is promoting the value of the ‘Twerk’.

The star had a natural rapport with the audience. Imitating the ‘scouse’ accent at one point, the star launched into off the cuff conversations with her fans, giving the huge venue an intimate feeling.

The stage was a spectacle, using colour, cascading lights, fire and steam to split up the different sections of her show. Jessie also had five extravagant costume changes, showing the singer was pulling out all of the stops last night.

The show peaked with Jessie rising onto the stage like a phoenix in gold to perform a bass-heavy remix of her hit song Price tag and It’s My Party - a suitably energetic ending to the varied 18 song set.

The mixture of spectacle, humour and a natural stage presence made for an entertaining show.
Jessie managed to be everywhere on stage and made sure no one in the massive venue was left out.

The show felt big with spectacle, but at the same time intimate and personal with private glimpses into Jessie’s life and childhood.


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