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Gerri Halliwell becomes "Sorry Spice"!

by Chiara Costa. Published Tue 18 Jun 2019 13:55, last updated: 18/06/19

Geri Halliwell has apologised for leaving the Spice Girls in 1998.

Ginger Spice - now Geri Horner – said “sorry” during the last show of their reunion “Spice World - 2019 Tour”.

On stage at Wembley Stadium she hugged her bandmates and said: “I was being a brat.

“It’s so good to be back with the girls I love”, as the packed arena applauded the redhead for her heartfelt words.

Meanwhile, Scary Spice, has expressed her thoughts about Victoria Beckham not taking part in the reunion tour.

Appearing on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, Melanie Brown spoke of her disappointed over the absence of Posh Spice.

The group toured in the UK and Ireland with 13 sell-out shows, but Victoria Beckham declined to participate.

Scary Spice said she had expected her to come at least to say “hi” and remained upset about the no-show.

Asked whether there was “a rift” with Victoria, Mel B said: “We are all adults and we have to respectfully get on with whatever” .

Many fans were disappointed that Victoria opted out.

“Posh needs to remember where she came from and get a bit of humility. She would be nothing without the Spice Girls. Ungrateful and unsupportive of women who are supposed to be her friends” user @babyfish72 complained.

Asked if she known why Posh didn’t turn up at the concert Mel B answered “I’m sure she has her reason” (Victoria is attending footballer Sergio Ramos wedding) “It is what it is. Us girls support each other no matter what”

Mel B confirmed the had met Adele (who was in the audience) but dismissed suggestions that she might be a candidate to replace Victoria

“Adele’s Adele, and there’s only one Posh” Mel B added.

About the successful tour, Melanie Brown suggested that the iconic group should continue to Australia, but asked about a tour in America, she just said “One thing at time”.

They might go to Australia, then Asia, America, and the all over again, she added laughing.

Spice addicts are waiting for all five members of the group to lend their voices to a new animated picture film, due for release in 2020, produced by the Paramount Studios.


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