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The Adventures of Andy Kershaw comes to Manchester next month

by Khyle Deen. Published Wed 10 Oct 2018 17:13

A one-man two hour audio-visual presentation about the life, career, adventures and experiences of Andy Kershaw, in radio and television, live music, travels to extreme countries and foreign correspondence.

Andy Kershaw - The Bluffer's Guide

- has visited 97 of the world’s 194 countries.

- owns an LP and CD collection weighing seven tons.

- is a freelance broadcaster, journalist and foreign correspondent.

- was an eyewitness to the Rwandan genocide and reported it for the Today programme.

- worked for the Rolling Stones in 1982.

-was a BBC Radio 1 DJ for fifteen years - without ever having any ambition to become one.

-is an occasional presenter on BBC Radio 4 and BBC Radio 3.

-is a regular reporter on BBC1 television’s The One Show.

- shared a cramped, chaotic office with John Peel for twelve years.

- was the first – and is still the only – journalist to use the word “fuck” on From Our Own Correspondent.

- presented Live Aid on BBC television.

- was banned from Malawi under the dictatorship of Dr Hastings Banda.

- ran away from university, on his first day there, to go to see BB King.

- has seen his own intestines.

- once got the better of Lou Reed, gloriously.

- went on holiday to North Korea with Christopher Hitchens. And Francis Wheen.

- has won more Sony Radio Awards than any other broadcaster.

- was promoting major rock concerts by the age of twenty.

- discovered Ali Farka Toure, the great Saharan bluesman.

- has reported for the BBC from three civil wars and one volcanic eruption.

- went on a blind date with a then unknown Courtney Love – to see Motorhead.

- became a presenter of the BBC2 rock music programme, Whistle Test, by accident.

- suspects he is being stalked by Dr Kenneth Kaunda, the former President of Zambia.

- was Billy Bragg’s driver, roadie and tour manager.

- covered the 2010 Red Shirt Revolution in Bangkok for The Independent.

- has been awarded two honorary doctorates – by the University of East Anglia and Leeds University.

- was supported by an Early Day Motion in the House of Commons when he was dropped by Radio 1 in 2000.

- ran out of his Economics A Level exam, halfway through, to go to see Bob Dylan. (And got a Grade A).

- was, implausibly, photographed for Vogue by David Bailey.

- once had to rescue Mike Tyson.

- spent much of the 1990s hanging around in, and reporting from, Haiti.

- was the central figure in the popularisation of World Music.

- has made BBC radio documentaries in all three “Axis of Evil” countries.

- masterminded the return of The Who to Leeds University, in 2006, for Live At Leeds Again.

- spent a week riding out with Sonny Barger and the Oakland Hell’s Angels.

- was immortalised by Nick Hornby in High Fidelity.

- secured the first ever British television interview with Bob Dylan – by giving Bob a jar of jam.

- argued for the abolition of Woman’s Hour. On Woman’s Hour.

- made trailblazing travel programmes for Channel 4.

- was once invited by the then Labour Party leader, Neil Kinnock, to advise him “on what young people want”.

- worked for Bruce Springsteen in 1985.

- has made four visits to North Korea, the world’s most secretive country.

- is the only broadcaster to have had a programme transmitted simultaneously on BBC Radio 4 and Radio 1.

- has been propositioned by Frankie Howerd and Little Richard.

- paid Duran Duran £50 to support Hazel O’Connor at Leeds University.

- offered his opinion of Simple Minds to Nelson Mandela, just out of jail, in an accidental meeting.

- was radio critic of The Independent – and the scourge of Birtism - while still a BBC Radio 1 DJ. (“The most suicidal column in the history of journalism” - Francis Wheen).

- played The Ramones Blitkrieg Bop as his first record on Radio 3, the BBC’s classical music station.

- tracked down and unmasked, 32 years after the event, the man who - infamously - shouted “Judas!” at Bob Dylan in 1966.

- was asked to be a presenter of Songs of Praise, the BBC’s Sunday evening televised hymn singing.

- is an atheist.

- turned down an invitation (and £50,000) to appear on I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here.

- interviewed John Hurt, at Live Aid, before a television audience of more than a billion, without knowing, at the time, who he was. (He does now).

- followed the firefighting teams of Red Adair and Boots Hansen to the burning oil well-heads of Kuwait at the end of the first Gulf War, 1991.

- believes he was approached by MI6 to become a spy.

Tickets for The Adventures of Andy Kershaw – Sale show are available:

Friday 23rd November
MANCHESTER / SALE – Waterside Arts Centre
Box Office No: 0161 912 5616
Website – https://watersidearts.org/whats-on/2346-the-adventures-of-andy-kershaw/
Doors – 7.00pm / On-Stage – 7.30pm
Tickets - £15.00 advance



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