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Sound City provided the hottest acts for a hot Bank Holiday Weekend

by Team Purple Revolver. Published Thu 10 May 2018 15:06
Giddy fans heading to Sound City on the May Day Bank Holiday
Giddy fans heading to Sound City on the May Day Bank Holiday

This year Sound City teamed up with the Baltic Triangle to showcase hundreds of talented acts on the May bank holiday weekend. Blessed by Mother Nature herself being the hottest weekend we have had yet so far.
The festival draws in all different types of musical artists some notable acts include The xx, Calvin Harris, Enter Shikari and even Dexy's Midnight Runners.

Sound City captures the heart and soul of what makes Liverpool great. Also, brilliant exposure for the Baltic Triangle putting all creatives in one place.

Our personal favourite venue was District hosting acts from local label Modern Sky Records with sets from SPINN, The Blinders, Jalen N'Gonda and Baxter Dury - you would have been best taking a tent and setting up camp in there the entire weekend.

Sunday of Sound City was set with more hot weather and some of the hottest acts, with headliners like The Night Cafe, Jaws, Sunset Sons and Peace!

Vibrant is the best word to use to describe the Baltic Triangle on Sunday, with music playing amongst the streets whilst cans of cider were being sipped into the mouths of giddy individuals with sunglasses on their heads and glitter on their faces. There was a real happy atmosphere and it wasn't just the sun - people stood posing in front of the angel wings on Jamaica Street, which would surely be seen on most people's Instagram feeds that same evening.

The day was split amongst venues, like Camp and Furnace, District, Baltic Market and Blade Factory to name a few, with each of these having their own identity that was different from your average gig location. Each venue filled up with a range of different people - glittery skirts, cropped jeans, jazzy shirts were pushed together in the intimate venues, but everyone wore the same Sound City wristband, proving a connection that they were all here for the alternative, but incredible live music - no matter what their age, race or gender!

The highlight of the day for us was seeing The Night Cafe perform in Camp and Furnace, what started off with an eccentric dance in the middle of the crowd to get us pumping waiting for the headliners ended in a mosh pit sweat - perhaps, slightly dangerous, however a whole lot of excitement! What was fantastic about Sound City was in fact the diversity, there was no restriction on who or what you could see, it was heart-warming to see a huge number of smiles, rather than drunken fights - people were tipsy, but danced like no one was watching, it was simply very, very cool.

Sound City certainly does set the bar for other festivals which are to come later in the year such as Fusion, African Oye and Liverpool International Musical Festival.

But what a time to be a scouser! Stay tuned for our coverage on local talent and just how brilliant the city really is.

Reported by Lois Warrington and Natalie Barlow, Edited by Ben Harding.


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