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LIMF artist interview 2017: She Drew The Gun

by Lois Warrington. Published Wed 26 Jul 2017 20:05, last updated: 01/08/17

We had the pleasure of watching She Drew The Gun, a local band fronted by the powerfully vocally equipped Louisa Roach. They won Glastonbury's Emerging Talent Competition last year and it was evident the crowd increased throughout their set.

Louisa's poetic ability and the band's overall funky, dark vibes were both captivating and inspiring. The crowd were in awe from the level of talent that is right on our doorstep.

We spoke to Louisa a little bit more about her writing process and influences.

PR: How did you think that performance went?

Louisa: I really enjoyed it!

PR: What inspires/influences you to write?

Louisa: I write about all different things. Some of it is from when I switch on the news and what's going on in the world and it makes me feel emotional so sometimes it can be that. But sometimes love or loss or anything that happens in life that is an interesting subject matter to me.

Have you performed at LIMF before?

Louisa: Yeah we did this last year on the same stage. This stage is musical, well not musical, it's a little bit more Liverpool. Ha!

Who are your influences?

Louisa: Well, I listen to loads of different stuff. The Beatles. Loads of Liverpool bands as well. I love The Coral and The Las.

Who is your favourite Beatle?

Louisa: John. He is my number one songwriter.

Huge thanks to Louisa for chatting with us!

She Drew The Gun will be performing at Cambridge Folk Festival and then Kendall Calling next weekend. If you haven't seen these guys before then you should asap as you will not be disappointed.

It is nice to see that a local band has been influenced by other local Liverpool bands, and LIMF is such a great stage to bring the greatness together!


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