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The Revolution Will Not Be Televised...

by Andy Johnson. Published Thu 02 Dec 2021 20:44, last updated: 02/12/21

Have you forgotten that old family friend already? The one we invited into our living room, even allowed to look after our kids unsupervised on Saturday mornings, while we stole another hour in bed.

"What's on the box?" The flickering myths contained within shaped our culture and behaviour, vernacular and warped our fragile little minds for years.

If you find yourself nostalgic for golden years of TV, cuddling up on the sofa with loved ones. You are not alone.

Lots of interaction was needed in the early days of CRT TVs. Much twiddling of knobs, fiddling with aerials, it was almost a double act... with the occasionally much needed slap around the chops to sort out any distortion or fuzzy logic... akin to Eric and Ernie... "Ey! Get out of that!"

"Pass me The Presser you ignorant swine!" My dear old mum often vented if I dared to override Mastermind, Catch Phrase or latterly The Chase with a quick bout of Channel Hopping.

'The Presser!' 'The Switcher!' 'The Hurdy Gurdy!' What did you call the remote control in your home? Whatever it was, whoever held it, held the power!

Seemed like I learned more from TV than from postponing my homework 'til the witching hour. Maybe that's what's wrong with me.

Tuesday evening - 6pm was an appointed viewing time. Fresh Prince of Bel Air on Beeb 2 followed by some magically zany American cartoons like The Tick or Ren And Stimpy, with a fresh slab of Turkish Delight. Warm fuzzy memories.

Our TV memories evoke a shared nostalgia. The Telly forever waiting in the corner of the room, was part of our family circle; we used to exchange shocked glances, laughs and tears, depending on the stories playing out for us.

The Test Card Girl and her incessant beeps were responsible for sending more people to bed for a decent night's sleep than any parental influence. Certainly more than the enticing episode countdowns we have today.

White Noise! Wait a minute... TV used to finish!? "What you talkin' 'bout Willis?" When I told my children how TV used to stop; with cartoons only shown on Saturday mornings - they stared at me in abject horror, as if I'd just murdered Bing Bunny live on CBeebies.

Although The Box was dubbed the Idiot's Lantern, it didn't dominate our lives in the same way that digital screens do today.

Anyone who's wrestled a tablet proffering Peppa Pig from a toddler and lived to tell the tale will attest. Or have you found yourself scrolling through 'The Socials' on your phone, with the TV out of focus in the background?

Now we often sit in separate rooms, streaming stories in solitude like Black Mirror that reflect our forlorn dependence on this fragmented world of 24 hour entertainment and stimulation.

We interrupt this solemn thought to bring you a newsflash... Vintage TVs are making a comeback! well they never went away at VideOdyssey.

Alongside thousands of tapes, I also collect TVs and have more than 50 stacked, awaiting a new audience.
There is an enduring beauty found in vintage TVs from the 1980s and early 90s. You only have to watch most new music videos to see one feature. They are also sought after for the best retro gaming experience.

If streaming services never existed you would still have been able to enjoy Squid Game, which would most likely have hit Channel 4 late at night. You would probably just have had to discover for yourself.
O, the joy of discovery!

Fancy a trip down memory lane? You can rent vintage TVs, a VCR and tapes of your fave telly shows as part of our Nostalgia SOS packs. We're also set to announce a new season of events here in the studio, featuring the return of our Little Shop of Horrors and Ghostbusters immersive nights.

So... Don'tcha dare switch that dial! Stay tuned to VideOdyssey Studios for important messages from the past that could help shape your future.

Be kind, rewind!

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Check out the VideOdyssey Studios website for more.


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"Surely the combi TVs of the early 2000s with a TV/DVD/VHS will be highly desirable in future? Often multi region too! Hope to visit you soon" Martin 63, Fareham around 1 month, 1 week ago